NLP Trainers, How To Find A Good One

NLP Training in Scotland and the UK generally has increased exponentially in the last few years. Many new NLP trainers are being qualified each year. In fact you can go from knowing nothing about NLP to being a fully qualified trainer in around six weeks.

Add in the fact that several NLP companies, including my own are moving into optimising for the internet and increasing visibility – new NLP companies are pooping up all the time. One NLP company in Glasgow is even buying up huge numbers of NLP related domain names in an effort to dominate search engine traffic.

Add in the wide variance in size of course, number of days and the jargon that extends right through the industry is it any wonder that people are confused about how to pick the right course for them.

A NLP Practitioner Training Course is a big investment of your time and money. Spending a little effort digging past the superficialities of the first page of Google will pay you dividends in getting on to a course with a trainer that is exactly right for you.

There are already some very good articles about the thought process to go through for deciding what type of course is right for you. So this article is about deciding on a good quality NLP Trainer.

With respect to the courses it is my opinion that your choice should be about your personal objectives, preferences and learning style. Assuming this all checks out, the course covers the right content, in the right time with the right number of people and you have a short list of two or three, the next part is a closer examination of the trainer themselves.

I think this is vital because you will only get out of your NLP training course what your trainer and the relationship between you will stand. If you are spending a considerable amount of time and money on a NLP Practitioner Training Programme you will want to get best value from it.

NLP is about building rapport and being very persuasive. As such when you talk to your prospective trainer you should expect this from them and you will need to get a little further under the surface to see if they will give you what you need.

To start with have a read of their website, articles, and books. Google their name and see what comes up. Do they write articles that give good content; are they explaining things in an understandable way?

What can you tell about your prospective trainer’s beliefs and values? How well does their content match with your view of the world? Is their course about the hard, pragmatic world or does it have a softer, gentler, spiritual / healing emphasis? What can you learn about the trainer’s background and experience and how does that fit with what your needs are? Have they any qualifications outside NLP? Through all of this keep asking yourself, “Can I learn what I need from this trainer and do they having things to teach me that I will find useful?”

If the answer to the last question was a yes then make arrangements to see, or at least speak with them and ask for reference clients that have similar applications to yours.

A good point to ask NLP Trainers when you meet is to deconstruct their sales process and point out how they are using their NLP and Hypnosis to sell to you. Any great trainer will relish the opportunity to display their knowledge and integration of NLP for a live situation. You will get an idea of how good they are at NLP in a live context, how good they are at explaining it to you and some idea of their ethics and integrity.

Another excellent area to discuss with your prospective trainers is about the local competition. Not the bad points…that would not be a fair question, but ask about what is good about the competition and how do those courses compare to the one you are looking at. Again this gives any great trainer an opportunity to shine. If they are confident with their product and have really built in some unique developments of their own they will be happy to talk up the competition and compare products.

Having assisted the development of several NLP Trainers in Scotland and met with many more I have a good idea of the sorts of courses they run and the type of people that would benefit. I am obviously biased towards my courses and the trainers that I have developed, but I have the confidence in my services to be able to at lest point you towards my competitors and tell you what I know. Any great NLP Trainer will be able to do the same.

As you can see there is a lot to think about when choosing your NLP Trainer. There is a lot more we could discuss but a couple of well chosen and prepared lines of questioning are a great start. A great NLP Training Course can give your personal and professional life a huge boost and a little time and effort up front will pay you back immensely. Feel free to call my office for further information.

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