Nintendo Wii Consoles Stand Apart From The Competition

In a world full of video games one could easily wonder why anyone would need a new model. Sometimes it seems that the graphics can not get any sharper, the sounds any fuller, and the game play any more realistic. Perhaps that reality is one of the reasons that, in 2001, the brain trust at Nintendo began to contemplate taking game consoles in a new direction. After seeing powerful console after powerful console flood the market, Nintendo realized that it was difficult to compete in a market full of heavyweight, high powered machines. Instead, they decided that a console that focused on player interaction could fill a void in a sea of consoles focused on speed and performance. It was with that strategy in mind that the idea for the Nintendo Wii consoles was born.

Despite being the latest and hottest game system on the market, the Nintendo Wii consoles do not take graphics and speed to new levels. Instead, it is a revolutionary new control system that differentiates the Wii from its competitors as well as any game system that came before it. Allowing players to control the game through movements, gesturing, swinging, and swiping, the Nintendo Wii consoles take existing game concepts and marry them with an interactive gaming experience. When playing tennis – on Wii Games – you do not push a joystick to swing the racket, you swing your arm while holding the Wii controller, known officially as the Wiimote. The same goes for all the other games that are designed for the Nintendo Wii consoles. However, part of the appeal of the Nintendo Wii consoles is that they are not designed solely for Nintendo Wii games. In fact, they are fully compatible with games for the Nintendo GameCube as well.

Another impressive element of the Nintendo Wii consoles is that they also have the ability to interface with the Internet – when used in conjunction with a Wi-Fi USB connector. Once online, the Nintendo Wii consoles allow users to surf the Web, shop online, check the news and weather, chat on message boards, and even download Nintendo classics like Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and many, many more.

The vision of the Nintendo engineers just a few years ago is a reality today. In the Nintendo Wii consoles that have created a game system that does not try to keep up with others, but instead stands apart from the competition. The video game industry will never be the same.

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