Nifty Add-ons for Myspace

Nifty Add-ons for Myspace

For some people, having a account with your friends, contacts and some information about your favorite group is enough. But for most of the users, it’s not just about keeping score who is there are who is not there, rather it’s an expression of you are and how smart and cool can you get with the things that you can add to your myspace account. There are so many things that you can add to your myspace and some of them are just quite cheesy. Instead of getting those things, here are some of the recommended tools or add-ons that you can place in your website. If these things will not look good on your site, nothing will.

Instead of using the instant messenger of myspace so that you can talk to the people you know, why not talk to them online using a software that doesn’t even require a download? That’s right you can do that. Minimobs Instant Messenger is a very simple code that you can add in your myspace page. When activated, there will a mobile phone displaying all the names of the people who will also share information with you. There you can see if who’s online and looking at your webpage. If available, you can just click on their names and there you have it: a free messenger. You can also choose from different colors, cell phones that will be used. A must for every webpage.

Just a spur of the moment but why not add something really fancy in your website such as a clock which is available through such sites as You may be placing something not important or useful but think about it as really artistic and fancy. Search for clock generators and you’ll have hundreds of responses and websites to choose from. Get a code that doesn’t require Java so that you’re friends can easily see the clock and won’t have to wait ages just to see what time is it.

Maybe a clock in not really that good of a post to your friends comment page. But here’s something really nice to post especially when you are anticipating an event such as the birthday of someone that you really like. Instead of wishing them a happy birthday, which he or she might have heard a thousand times, why not post a countdown clock for the birthday of your friend! There will be a countdown timer telling you how many days, hours minutes and even seconds towards a specific event. You can even benefit from these as you won’t forget about the event.

Before you go ahead and post these cool add-ons, make sure that they are made not only for popular web browser (Internet Explorer) but for other browsers as well (Mozilla, Opera and Others) that way, all of your friends will appreciate all the things that you have posted. Besides, it takes a little more time to look for these add-ons rather that sending a short messages. The effort is all you need to have these cool add-ons for your website.

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