The advantages of marketing your own niche over other forms of internet marketing cannot be overemphasised.

With your own niche, compared with if you are promoting other affiliates products, for instance, you have the following benefits

a) You have your own product/products. You can create your own products or have someone else create for you.

b) Consider why product owners are willing to pay up to 75% in affiliate Commissions. At times some pay 100% . They derive other benefits in backend sales from which the affiliates would not derive a benefit.

c) However hard that you may work as an affiliate, and no matter how much you earn, you are just a paid sales agent. The business does not belong to you. If the business winds up for any reason, your source of income from that source would fail.

d) Instead of working so hard promoting other people’s products you gain more by identifying your own niche product and spend all your efforts in its promotion.. By doing this, you are building your own business and you would enjoy the fruit of your labour for several years to come.

e) You can start your own affiliate programs whereby several others work and spend huge amount of advertising dollars to ensure that your products are sold. Imagine having about 500 affiliates promoting your niche on the net.

One of the challenges in the past was the building of professional websites for each niche. With NicheCreator now in the market, this problem has been resolved, With NicheCreator, you no longer have difficulties in building your niche sites. Once you have identified your niche or niches, NicheCreator would create your websites for you in minutes.

What NicheCreator would do

1. It will massively build web pages and websites with each pages containing different content and affiliate links.

2. It can be used to generate traffic to sales pages.

3. It can be used to send traffic to others’ sales pages.

4. It can be used to earn affiliate commissions from others’ sales pages.

5. It can be used to generate massive opt-in email lists.

6. You can make more money using it in several other different ways.

7. It relieves you of the monotony of creating page after page for each specific keyword or topic that you are targeting.

8. It will create entire site in two minutes flat/

9. It is plug and play niche website creator.


Some of the plugins that NicheCreator comes with are:

Content Plug ins: rss-content; isnare; overstock; randp.

Content/Affiliate Plug ins: amazon; clickbank; chitika; revenuepilot; findwhat.

Affiliate Plug ins: adsense; peakclick.

Page/Traffic Plug ins: Cache; ping; backlinks; bestlinks; search

This software is like an industrial machine for you professionals that would be interested in massively building income producing websites. You spend little time on the site building as the software does most of the job, while you have more time to do some more profitable things connecting your internet businesses: spend more time researching hot topics, hot markets, tweaking your template for optimal search engine rank and traffic conversion.

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