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Nextar, a company specializing in electronics equipment, has entered the spectrum of GPS technology through its line of GPS units. These units are designed to meet Nextar’s basic quality requirements. This means that they contain the most attractive design, are created with the latest technology and are affordable. Nextar is particularly concerned that their products are affordable, since the GPS industry often contains GPS units that are not priced reasonably. This article will delve into the wonder that is Nextar GPS by providing information on two of the most recommended Nextar GPS models: the X3 and the P7.

The first Nextar GPS model that will be evaluated is the X3, which costs $349.99. The Nextar GPS X3 offers features common to most GPS units, including color display touch screen, voiced directions and suction cups to allow the unit to be put on the windshield of a car. Additional features that may be considered add-ons for other types of GPS units include pre-programmed maps of all of the states in the U.S. and 1.6 million points of interest. The Nextar GPS X3 can also act as a MP3 player, if the user has an SD card, which would be a separate purchase. The device is also designed to be seen both during the day or during the night.

The second Nextar GPS model that will be discussed is the P7, which is priced at $599.99. Just like the Nextar GPS X3, the Nextar GPS P7 offers color display touch screen, voiced directions and suction cups. Unlike the Nextar GPS X3, the Nextar GPS P7 contains preloaded maps of both the United States and Canada with 2 million POIs. It also has a 40 Gigabyte hard drive, so a user doesn’t have to worry about dealing with SD cards when wanting to play music. The product also contains built-in speakers and a built-in GPS antenna. Additionally, the Nextar GPS P7 can ‘auto-recalculate’ when a driver misses a turn.

In conclusion, if one is interested in buying a Nextar GPS model they should consider getting the X3 or the P7. Many more Nextar GPS brands exist, but these are the ones that offer the most availability. Besides, most of the other models tend to offer pretty much the same as what the X3 offers, only at a higher price. If one wants a higher-quality Nextar GPS model it is recommended that they just go on and buy the Nextar GPS P7, since this offers the most features of any of the Nextar GPS models. As far as buying information, unfortunately at this time one cannot purchase Nextar GPS products from the Nextar website. One will have to utilize shopping comparison sites or search if they want to actually purchase a Nextar GPS device. This is perhaps the only annoyance when it comes to trying to obtain a Nextar GPS unit. However, once a person actually gets possession of the device, its incredible functionality make up for the very slight inconvenience involved in trying to find it for purchase

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