Newtonian Physics In The Palm Of Your Hand

I am one of millions of people who spend 8 to 10 hours a day in front of a computer keyboard. Most of that time is spent on work, but some it is games, email and fun. Still, when my knuckles started swelling and my fingers began to tingle I feet the fear all typists, factory workers and artists know about. The fear of carpal tunnel syndrome happening to me; keeping me from working and causing me pain. Fortunately I found the device to help prevent carpal tunnel and give a good physics lesson at the same time.

Strengthen And Rehab

The Dyna-Flex Powerball is a hand held plastic orb with a gyroscope inside. Once started, it can ramp up to 13,000 RPM providing a lot of force for your hand and arm to handle. This strengthens the muscles of the wrist, fingers, triceps and biceps with its powerful resistance by creating up to 32 pounds of force. The pulsating feeling from gyroscope massages hand muscles and bends and flexes the wrist in such a way to provide relief from repetitive motion injuries. The exerciser also provides such superior strength and muscle tone it can prevent some of the injuries from occurring or repair them in their early stages. For executives or people trapped at their desk, the Powerball is a perfect workout, taking just minutes at a time and giving great benefit.

Power To The People

One of the most amazing features of the Dyna-Flex Powerball is the fact that its so simply designed anyone can use it, and it is entirely person- powered. The hard shell outer casing comes with a rubbed band attached around it to help the user hold on the ball once the energy is in motion. It starts with the flick of your thumb and then picks up as you rock the ball back and forth with the rhythm of the internal gyroscope. There are no batteries or power sources. All the energy is supplied by the user. If you are using it for rehabilitation and you want a lower rate of force just turn the ball slower. If you really want to rev it up, move your wrist a little faster and hold on as best you can. When you are finished with the exerciser, simply stop moving it and the gyroscope will wind down in a few seconds. No power, no motor, but lots of energy.

Fun With Physics

Aside from its main benefits as a strengthener and carpal tunnel rehab tool, the Dyna-Flex Powerball is also a walking science lesson. The mini-miracle exerciser is based on centripetal force. The energy from outside the ball causes the gyroscope to multiply the force by going on a circular path and a constant speed. As that energy builds the speed and force of the gyro continue generate force and resistance. For any youngster learning about gyros, force or Newtonian laws of physics and gravity the Powerball is a fun, active way to learn and will strengthen their arms too.

It has always been a catch-22. People who sit in front of computers all day and are the most at risk for repetitive motion symptoms are also the ones who don’t have time to get up and exercise. The Dyna-Flex Powerball makes a healthy work habit an accessible reality.

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