New Ways To Turn That Clutter Into Cash

If you’ve got a lot of clutter in your house, you’re not alone. Millions of homeowners discover this either when they’re getting ready to move or at the start of spring cleaning.

In the past, clearing out homes resulted in low-revenue garage sales and multiple trips to the consignment store. But today, the latest trend in home organization is to clear out and cash in by dropping off unwanted items at eBay drop-off stores.

Organizational expert Peter Walsh, from TLC’s “Clean Sweep,” confirms the trend. “eBay drop-off stores like iSold It are really the hot new trend in home organization,” he notes. “For occasions such as that yearly cleaning, they provide an easy way for you to get that clutter out of your house and earn some extra cash.”

According to a recent PEW Internet and American Life Project survey, only 17 percent of online American adults have used the Internet to sell items. For the other 83 percent, eBay drop-off stores offer a fast and easy way to sell online. eBay drop-off stores professionally photograph the item, write descriptive copy, list it online, collect payment and then pack and ship the item. Once the transaction is complete, the seller receives a check in the mail. For many drop-off stores there are no up-front charges; instead, commission is charged once the item sells.

Here’s a typical reaction from a customer when dropping off items. “I was determined to clean out my garage-I had old car parts, a vintage train set, you name it,” said Bernie Dodyk, Novi, Michigan customer. “I took the whole lot to a drop-off store and made over $5,000. Now I can park my car in the garage again.”

As the world’s leading drop-off store, iSold It provides customers with an easy, hassle-free way to sell items online.

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