New vs Used Mobility Scooters

Many people who consider buying a mobility scooter to restore their mobility and independence often consider purchasing a used one mobility scooter to save money. Auctions sites, such as Ebay, offer what seems to be good deals on power wheel chairs and scooters. The rule for buying merchandise off of Ebay and similar web sites is caveat emptor. Caveat Emptor is a Latin phrase that means let the buyer beware.

Even the new mobility scooters that are sold on Ebay can suffer from poor quality, especially if the product is not made by a reliable manufacturer. Many new discount scooters sold on online auction sites are mass produced in China, where the labor costs are low. The concern of discount scooter manufacturers is quantity rather than quantity. The best strategy for buying a reliable new mobility scooter is to purchase only brand names that you recognize that are known to be of consistent quality.

Buying any used product involves certain inherent risks. Anyone who has bought a used car knows this rule, as dealers are known to not tell a buyer about mechanical faults t in the vehicles they sell. The private deals under which used mobility scooters are purchased may not suffer from this sort of dishonest behavior, but the scooters former owner who does not need the product or never needed the mobility scooter in the first place are not professional mechanics in most cases. The batteries of used mobility scooters may be worn down, and brake problems often develop after prolonged use. Buying a new battery or having someone available to fix the brakes of a used scooter may be a solution, but it is often more trouble than it is worth. The seat likely has also conformed to the body contours of the scooter’s previous owner.

Buying a new mobility scooter made by a recognized manufacturer ensures that mechanical faults are not present, and if faults are present, a manufacturer’s warranty covers the cost or repairs or replacement parts. In extreme cases where the vehicle is beyond repair, provision may be made for a new scooter to be sent to the buyer.

You can save money buying a used mobility scooter if you shop around carefully. Considering that it is often a medical necessity for the user to buy one, it is better to buy a brand new scooter to avoid many of the pitfalls and frustrations that come with buying a used product. Manufacturer warranties change the buyer’s guideline from caveat emptor to caveat vendor. The latter Latin phrase simply means let the seller beware. Which is just a fancy way of saying sellers make mechanical faults in the scooter the responsibility of the manufacturer.

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