New Timeshare Alternative Brings Big Income

I started out in the internet marketing business by accident. I was actually searching for a decent place to take my mother and dad. A decent place, not an outrageous 4 or 5 star resort. We even looked into timeshares as an option. But they were way out of my price range and I didn’t like the thought of being tied to something.

It was during that search that I found what I think of as my Timeshare Alternative. To understand what I mean, here’s briefly how a timeshare works; One buys a certain amount of time at a given resort , or free standing timeshare unit that is shared with other timeshare owners. The timeshare comes with a cost for owning this piece of time at this single unit. On top of the timeshare cost itself, there is are maintenance fees that you must pay every month or every year. Once you are in a timeshare, you are in a way, stuck with it unless you can sell it. You are able to enjoy this one place, once a year probably, at only one certain time of year. If something comes up, you often cannot very easily trade your time for another person’s time quickly. I read this was called the “Timeshare Trap”.

I discovered a business that allowed people to enjoy these same 4 and 5 star resorts without having to buy a time. This new way enables people to enjoy the same 4 and 5 star resorts that are full of the same timeshare units that cost many thousands of dollars. Plus, they also book their vacation through this full travel service at the resort of their choice during the week they want. That sounded like a more flexible plan. Recently this 21 year old successful travel organization developed an exclusive marketing agreement with this major travel provider. exclusive right was given to market both a 36 month Gold membership and a LIFETIME Platinum membership entitling members to full access to the whole network of 4 and 5 star luxury resorts all over the world. That is a great deal just at that.

Here’s the point where you really see the difference between timeshares and this new alternative, their program is designed to be marketed through their automated websites that are given to each of their members upon sign-up. These websites are designed to allow each member to simply refer anyone to the site. If that interested person signs up through the website, $1000 is paid to that member. When that newest member brings in someone, an additional $1000 is paid to the first person and the second person is also paid a $1000 payout and so on and so on. One can see the potential income on top of the membership itself.

This pay plan is an incentive that has earned many members a six figure incomes due to the incredible marketing tools that are made available to each member. The internet has changed the way the average person can take control of their finances. Automated web sites are creating wealth for their owners. But not many are tied to such a fabulous life-changing membership. Get all the information on this exciting membership and booming business opportunity. It is a lifetime product marketed with a simple yet effective marketing plan Just check out the fantastic website and look at all the resorts. I can’t think of a more fun internet business than this. Can you? Check it out and see what you think.

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