New Technology Is Brewing In The Kitchen


How does the “ideal digital kitchen” sound? Technology is greatly changing the landscape of our world. Everything is becoming more convenient in the medical profession, the financial industry, the entertainment world, etc., so why can’t our kitchens be impacted as well?

There are a number of impressive additions on the brink of release for our homes. The kitchen will not be left behind in the future of sensor technology. The following article features an insight into some of the new features that will soon make a presence to a kitchen near you.

Recipe Projection System

This system will bring the intelligence of the Internet to your kitchen. It will be like a master cookbook. Imagine uttering the desire for a particular dish and you will be able to access all of the information available for that plate. More people will be inspired to cook if they have the intelligence in front of them providing recipes and suggestions.

Energy Usage Monitor and Control System

How many of us take a look at our energy bill and wonder how that number came to be? What if you were able to monitor exactly where your energy expenditures were coming from? That is exactly what this system will do for you. Thanks to sensor technology, you will be able to monitor energy consumption by area and appliance.

Home Control Station

These gadgets will enable you to monitor the temperature outside as well as inside and adjust the level of the latter. You will also be able to view the surrounding areas of your house (front, back, and side) to as part of your security system.

Universal Charging Station

This station will allow you to charge all of your gizmos in one convenient location. Whether it is a cellular phone, PDA, or other handy device, regardless of brand or model, you will be able to keep them charged instead of sitting on the counter top losing power.

Digital Calendar

How many of us keep a calendar in the kitchen, but cannot fit all of the information so we start using those post-its that cover the adjacent wall and become clustered and confused? A digital calendar will be very convenient for the whole household to use. It will be like a miniaturized secretarial service. You will even be able to access your calendar if you are away from the kitchen via the Internet.

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