New Program Helps Children With ADHD Learn to Read

Studies show that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) remains a problem with youth in the U.S.

According to a study by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 7.5 percent of children are diagnosed with ADHD by age 19. Those affected by the disorder are more likely to experience learning problems in areas such as reading and writing.

Many of these difficulties are due to problems with decoding, comprehension and retention. Some signs that a child is having trouble with these tasks are as follows:

* Having problems sounding out words and recognizing words that are out of context.

* Reading orally at a slower rate than most children of the same age.

* Confusing the meanings of words and sentences.

* Showing difficulty in distinguishing significant information from minor details.

* Having trouble remembering or summarizing what is read.

Fortunately, there is hope for children with ADHD who are having trouble reading and writing. For many, the answer lies in watching movies, such as the ones developed by SFK Media Specially for Kids Corp.

ReadENT learning system is a patented program that uses “Reading Movies” to help children with special education needs develop reading and language skills while being entertained.

These movies use an innovative tool called “Action Captions” that shows spoken words on screen in real time, without disrupting the flow of the movie. By providing these visual words, the movies make it easier for viewers to grasp language concepts and build vocabulary.

ReadENT Reading Movies are available as interactive DVDs of the classic children’s movies “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” “Tales of Gulliver’s Travels” and “The Trojan Horse.” They also come with interactive games and quizzes to make the learning experience even more fun.

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