New Old Tips For Blind Dating

A blind date is when two people who are perfectly strangers to each other or who may not know that much about each other are being set up on a date by either family or friends or may both be setting it up themselves should they happen to meet online.

A blind date can be exciting as you get to meet a new person and discover things about him/her but it can also be very uneasy at the same time as you are totally clueless of the other person’s personality and what possible topics for conversation would you happen to be able to connect with. Plus, there is always the fear of having a bad date or having a good one but with your date feeling that you haven’t made a connection at all.

For any blind date, avoid making high expectations. While your friend for example may be raving all about how good looking or the great personality that your date has, you may be having too much expectations and when they are not met will get you disappointed. Good looks and judging if an individual has a great personality are totally subjective. It is best to keep an open mind.

If you are the guy on a blind date and would be making the shots, it is best to plan your date. While having no plans and just deciding on an impulse during the date on what and where to go for dinner for example can be perfectly alright if you want to give your date the chance to choose where she likes, quite often not having a plan can drag the entire night into boredom. A date would feel special if you go the extra mile of planning it to be perfect.

It is best that blind dates should be kept brief and short to give you an easy way out in case you are not enjoying it. As much as possible you should meet in public places and in the case of a blind date with someone you met online, ensure your safety by driving separately. Also, make sure that you and your date have laid out accordingly when, where and the time you will be meeting for your date. It can be frustrating if miscommunication happens. Think ahead of your possible topics of conversation.

Lastly, be yourself. Be confident and friendly. Strike a good conversation and listen to what your date has to say also. Never fail to thank a date even if it didn’t turn out to how you wanted it to be.

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