New Internet Income Sources To Beat Google Dominance

You probably wonder how much extra income you can make beating Google system?

Well, it depends on how much time and energy you are going to put in.

Here I will discuss just two brand new perfectly legitimate online opportunities for everybody to earn extra cash fast:

1. Affiliate Den

Every now and again you see some fairly astounding stories of affiliates’ successes.

Here’s a guy who’s willing to share how he’s generated $1.67m in a year from ClickBank marketing…

Chris shows you the way through his Affiliate Den.

Chris says it’s taken him 18 months to perfect his methods. He often does things which are a bit different from the way most affiliates do them.

Now he’s spent six months and over $45,000 working with two programmers to create software to automate much of what he does.

What he’s offering this time isn’t an ebook, it’s a membership site, including a package of software tools. He calls it a combination of “Google espionage” software and affiliate training.

I’ve seen some of the tools in the package but not all of them, so at this stage I can’t give you a fully informed opinion.

Chris is trying to make things as simple for you as he possibly can. He’s automated the selection of profitable, targeted keywords. The software tells you which hot-seller products to promote and which keywords to use. You’re taught how to identify product “sweet spots”. You’re not starting cold.

His software will even auto create websites for you to use in your PPC promotions.

This is mainly about PPC, but one of his students is using these techniques to generate hundreds of dollars in sales WITHOUT using PPC.

Can YOU generate revenue anything like Chris’s $1.67m? Maybe 10% of it? That would be a very handy $167,000.

I suggest you make up your own mind. Have a look at Chris’s site and try his methods for one month. You’ve very little to lose and potentially a heck of a lot to gain.

Check it out at…Affiliate Den

2. PayPerPost

If you write or intend to write a blog, PayPerPost is a good way to add to your income.

Besides income, some of the other reasons why I chose to work with Payperpost include:clear cut policy of blog ethics,post inclusion,assessment and quick payment through convenient Paypal system,modest qualifying requirements for bloggers to establish their intent and get accepted,acceptance of international candidates, and most importantly a good number of blog post opportunities that suits my existing theme.

On the flip side, Google has downgraded the visible PageRank on all the PayPerPost “postie” blogs to zero.

Here’s how Ted Murphy of PayPerPost sees it:

Google Goes after the Everyday Blogger

But you must remember that it makes sense to diversify.

Don’t try to earn all your revenue from one product, one program,one affiliate network, one website, one source, one niche, or one marketing method.

And PayPerPost may prove to be a good move.

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