New Features Offered In Microsoft CRM

Each version of Microsoft CRM seems to appear with new features offered. For the business owner that’s important to note because as a licensed Microsoft CRM user you’ll be entitled to updates and thus the great new features.

Wondering what those features are? We will give you a little taste right now. Of course we can’t possible give you all the details in one article but you’ll get the picture.

The key to Microsoft CRM is that it works the way your company does which is just how it should be. You shouldn’t be trying to fit your business into the software. Microsoft knows how business needs to run – after all they are the most successful business on the globe – and therefore their software reflects exactly what needs to happen.

You can even integrate Microsoft CRM into your existing applications such as Microsoft Outlook. There are two additions available – the Small Business Edition and the Professional Edition – providing a service for business of every size.

Outlook is the most commonly used e-mail application and Microsoft CRM integrates smoothly and seamlessly. It’s quite an improvement over previous versions. You can easily look up information on your customers, manage your email, send email, record customer discussion, and set up appointments all from within Outlook.

On of the most impressive new features is the marketing automation system that lest you create marketing and sales campaigns on the fly. You can create leads, do direct marketing plans, create sales letters, and launch campaigns and then track their progress and the final results. You can even track your revenues and make sure your profits are on the rise.

Remember the old days of post it’s and wall calendars? Thanks to technology those days are pretty much gone. If you want to see your staff sell more while providing the best customer service then you’ll want to have a look at the new service scheduling module that’s been integrated into Microsoft CRM.

This is a very sophisticated system with an excellent scheduling engine that lets anyone that is authorized to book an appointment and to survey resources so you can make the most out of the resources you have. Schedule follow up appointments, servicing, marketing strategies, or just about anything you can think of.

Microsoft understands how important it is to be able to customize Microsoft CRM. In fact it’s so simple now that even non technical staff can create a custom application with just a click of the mouse. No one has to write code – in fact you don’t even have to leave the application you are in.

Reporting has also been drastically improved. Now getting the information out in a useful format is as easy as entering the data. You can even export the data to Excel to create spreadsheets. There are a full set of preprogrammed reports that you can print with just a click of your mouse but you can also create your own custom reports quickly and easily.

The new features offered in Microsoft CRM make a package that was already good that much better.

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