Minimize Injury With A First-Aid Kit

Imagine if an accident or something terrible happens to your friends or families, or children especially. You really want to save them immediately, don’t you?

What you must do is to give a first aid. CPR, for example. Having first-aid equipments is another essential effort.

In other words, you must prepare for emergency. The first-aid kit is so important in this kind of situation. No matter where, keep the kit with you.

What you need to have is a set of first-aid equipments. In general, here’s your first-aid kit checklist.

first-aid manual
thermometer (a digital one is preferred)
acetaminophen (to lower fever and relieve pain)
prescription medications
sterile gauze
adhesive tape
liquid soap (use mild type which will not endanger your children’s skin)
scissors (always check if they are sharp)
alcohol wipes
antiseptic wipes
emergency phone numbers (your physician’s or pediatrician’s)
flashlight and batteries
disposable gloves
sunscreen lotion
Have you gathered all those gears? Keep them in a durable container. Choose one that is roomy, lightweight, easy to carry, and can be opened easily. Some drug stores provide this bag, even with some of the equipments.

The first-aid kit should be available at home and in the car. Put it carefully, out of reach of children, as all the equipments can be dangerous for them.

Don’t forget to check the kit regularly. See whether some medicines are outdated or not and make sure that the batteries of the flashlight still work well.

Now, have you been trained to use the kit? You probably have seen people doing CPR or any other emergency assistance, but you’ve never done it all alone by yourself.

The American Red Cross has programs aimed at giving anyone the confidence to act in response to an emergency situation with skills that can save a life. It’s of course a great chance for you to take this program.

Here’s the address of the American Red Cross programs:

You can bookmark this web address for your handy emergency guide.

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