Mind Your Manners When Using Your Cellular Phone

Cellular phone use has dramatically increased over the years. This could be attributed to the fact that people have realized the advantage of having one as you can basically contact anyone or you can practically be reached on important matters whatever be your location. The mass production of cellular phones has made these devices more affordable for people to buy. The market is filled with a wide variety of models and brands to suit every budget from the high-end units to those that are cheap.

But if we try to observe our surroundings it seems that the people all around us are not practicing proper etiquette when it comes to using their mobile devices. Manners are becoming unacceptable. Where ever we go, several mobile phones always ring and they somehow disturb others. We find cellular phones ringing at funerals, weddings, public performances, during meetings, interviews and even at places of worship where people are sincerely praying. It seems that people are increasingly becoming impolite when it comes to using their cellular phones. What’s worse is that some talk in very loud voices enabling other people to overhear their private conversation.

It is time that people learn some manners when it comes to using their mobile devices. When you are at a meeting, dinner, or even class turn your cellular phone off or put it in silent or vibration mode to avoid disrupting what you are attending. Most mobile devices are equipped with caller id and missed calls are registered. You wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to return a call after. If it is very important that you take the call, excuse yourself and proceed to a private or isolated location to take it.

Never make calls when inside museums, theaters, libraries, places of worship and when attending performances like stage plays, symphony concerts, etc. Avoid using loud and irritating ring tones so as not to annoy other people. When making calls make your conversation private by speaking in a low tone. I don’t think other people would be interested in listening to your affairs. You should be aware of your company’s regulations with regards to the use of cellular phones at work. It is important that you do not use your mobile phone when not allowed to so as to avoid being reprimanded.

The increased use in cellular phones should go together with the increased practice of etiquette and good manners towards others in using cell phones.

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