Miele vacuum cleaners – German engineering in action.

The Miele Company was started in 1899 in a small town in Germany and over the years has developed into a leader in residential appliances. In 1927 Miele added vacuum cleaners to the product list. Over the years Miele has established itself as a leader in vacuum manufacturing by using advanced materials, skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Miele makes both canister vacuums and Miele upright vacuum cleaners. Miele make many different series of vacuum cleaners; Deluxe Canisters, Solaris, S300, S200, Universal Uprights, Powerhouse Uprights and ART by Miele.

About Miele Vacuums
The Miele canister vacuum cleaner is a very powerful vacuum. The power is what sets it apart from other vacuum cleaners. They are highly responsive and easy to use. The powerful motor increases the airflow through the vacuum cleaner adding to its performance. Increased airflow allows for deeper cleaning into the carpet fibers and also superior cleaning of floor surfaces. The Miele vacuum allows the user the ability to control the air flow. This allows the user the ability to do different jobs like cleaning curtain, window blinds, lamp shades and carpets which all require different airflow. The Miele vacuum also has a unique filtration system. All Miele vacuum cleaners have a double layer dust bag and an advanced exhaust system. The Miele HEPA filter is guaranteed to retain and capture all particles creating a system that makes the Miele vacuum cleaner the first ever HEPA certified vacuum cleaner in the world. This results in a superior indoor quality while vacuuming. The housing of the vacuum is also unique using the same polymer that used to make football helmets and also have a protective “bumper strip” to protect your furniture and vacuum cleaner. The Miele also has a tool caddie that stores all the accessories within your reach. One of the better known Miele vacuums, the Miele Red Velvet vacuum cleaner, boasts the superior HEPA filter that keeps all the dirt particles inside the vacuum. It’s a light vacuum cleaner that is easy to use. The vacuum is so efficient at keeping dust out of the carpet and the room that it is recommended for allergy sufferers. Most of the vacuum cleaner tools are kept “onboard” allowing for easy access.

Miele vacuums can be bought at the Miele website and also at some of the Miele dealer locations. At the companies website you can compare Miele vacuum cleaners and purchase one that suits your needs. Miele supplies a list of retailers on their website. You can also purchase discount miele vacuum cleaners from online retailers that offer discount Miele vacuum cleaners. Sites like epinions.com or bizrate.com offer cost comparisons for miele vacuum cleaners and also offer unbiased product reviews. Make these websites a place to stop before purchasing your vacuum cleaner. Miele vacuum cleaners are available internationally as not only are high quality Miele vacuum cleaner made in Germany but you can also find Miele vacuum cleaners Australia manufacturing superior quality vacuum cleaners.

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