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Baby Boomers Coping with Middle-Age Crisis

Kids love having birthday parties. Their parties are usually filled with games, great food, clowns, gifts, and many more. Celebrating ones birthday is an important occasion that should not be forgotten. You can’t remain as a child forever though. As years pass, you will grow older. With older people, celebrating their birthday is different. Another year will again be added to their age, and this thought can be creepy to some individuals.

When a person turns 40, he is already in his mid-life. There is this phrase which says ‘life begins at 40’. Although to some it may be true, others have different experiences. People who enjoy life even past their forties were able to overcome their fears of aging. But those less fortunate are having troubles in living a meaningful life.

When one enters midlife, he must be able to cope with drastic changes in life. These changes are inevitable, and all people will go through this stage. He should be able to deal with mortality issues and aging which are but natural aspects in being human. If you can’t cope up with the change, you’re bound to suffer a major shock in your life. And this will not only affect you as an individual, but also your family.

When baby boomers were young, they didn’t trust older people. But now that they have reached the midlife age, what do they have to say? People mature, and so did the baby boomers. They have long realized that life is not about having fun at all times but also living a meaningful life which can contribute to the improvement of the society he belongs in. The ages 40 to 60 are considered part of midlife, and many people undergo a midlife crisis when they reach this stage in their life, and baby boomers are not exempted from this change.

You may freak out as you face the mirror, and you will start to notice your thinning hair, flabby skin, facial lines, and other aging signs. Almost every person wants to look good, and the least things that they want to see are aging signs. Many people are not yet ready to face this fact, and they still want to believe that they are still desirable and young. Acceptance of the situation can be very hard for them. But this should not be; youthfulness will not last long so you might as well enjoy while you have it. Time will come when you will start aging and you can’t do anything about it. Even if you try to use anti-aging products, you’re still getting old.

A lot of married couples are having difficulty during this time, even the baby boomers. The situation is even worse if both of them can’t cope with their aging. Another change is in their emotional needs, and their behavior. They will likely end up in a crisis that may lead to divorce. This is true especially if one partner has found acceptance and love from another person.

Not all married baby boomer couples end up with divorce. There are also those who have a strong marriage foundation and are able to cope with the changes. Statistics show that only about twenty to twenty five percent of couples in their midlife suffer from any crisis. And the rest are taking the situation lightly, as if nothing has changed.

Being in your midlife is not an excuse to exhibit wrongful behavior. If you’re in a crisis right now, your option is putting your life on the right track again or turning to another direction. It would all depend entirely on you; but you should also be aware that it is not you alone who suffers from this situation, but also your love ones.

Upon entering middle age, you should be able to recognize mortality. You should deal with sags, wrinkles, bags, graying hair, balding, weight gain, and death of relatives or friends. This is indeed a tough time for you; but life should not end there. If you can successfully cope up with the situation, life will and can go on.

Baby boomers love challenges in life. They are quite aggressive and as they finally reach their midlife, they will start to live a meaningful and productive life.

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