Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal

Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal demands the highest degree of skill and experience to be successful. Expert micro-surgeons, Drs. Marks and Burrows of the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal, achieved the highest success rates using the formal multi-layer technique 10-0 or 11-0 sutures in a fully accredited, specially designed and dedicated operating suite.

In this vasectomy reversal procedure, the scarred ends of the vas deferens are micro-surgically removed and the fluid from the testicular side of the vas is examined. Tthe color, the consistency, the volume of the fluid, and the presence or absence of sperm is analysed to determine where the fluid is healthy and the sperm are normal, intact and mobile. At that location, the two ends of the vas are then microsurgically reconnected to allow the sperm to freely pass through the vas once again.

Theteam of doctors at ICVR perform microsurgical vasectomy reversal using “conscious sedation.” Small amounts of intravenous sedatives and relaxing medications are administered throughout the reversal to keep you happy, relaxed and comfortable. A combination of short and long-acting local anesthetics is used so that the patient does not feel any discomfort whatsoever. The main advantage of using conscious sedation instead of general anesthesia is that you avoid any unnecessary risks associated with general anesthetic and the recovery is much easier and faster. Another advantage of conscious sedation is that you save the expense of a much deeper general anesthesia, which is physically unnecessary and requires the services of an anesthesiologist and the use of a hospital operating room.

Throughout the surgery as well as after the reversal, the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, oxygen level and degree of sedation are monitored to ensure your safety.

All of the vasectomy reversals are performed in a nationally accredited, state-of-the-art surgical suite designed just for this surgery. All the necessary microsurgical equipment and supplies in a state of readiness, including back-up equipment are provided for the maximum safety and comfort of patients.

Drs. Marks and Burrows perform microsurgical vasectomy reversals on a daily basis, using a new top-of-the-line Leica/Wild high-power surgical microscope with Swiss optics. This provides the best visualization possible, improving the accuracy and precision of each suture placed.

The patient care kicks into high gear after surgery. Your recovery will be closely monitored with the developed extensive post-operative care guidelines, which, if followed, ensure a speedy, uneventful, pain free recovery, and guarantee your best opportunity for successful results. You will have your surgeon’s and your nurse’s personal cell phone numbers so that you can reach them any time with questions or concerns during your recovery period.

Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal care at its very best, with dadsagain.com!

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