Microsoft Dynamic CRM And Sales Magic

When you begin using Microsoft Dynamic CRM software in conjunction with effective telephoning, you are tapping into a powerful magic for making sales. With the sales force automation capabilities of Microsoft CRM, your telephone calls become more precise, more targeted, and more rapidly dialed. You also get more cost-effective client servicing.

Traditionally, telephone sales have been one of lowest-cost ways for businesses to contact new prospects and get repeat sales from existing clients. However, there were a lot of inefficiencies involved. Telephone calling programs now have gone to another level thanks to Microsoft CRM which allows for deeper client penetration and stronger prospect conversion. The CRM software greatly enhances the strategic effectiveness in all segments of contacts, from leads to prospects to clients to repeat buyers, by providing an unprecedented amount of data with precision alongside automatic sales and marketing processes.

Especially if you are a smaller business, you simply don’t have the profit margin or the sales potential to be effectively compensated by field sales forces. In the field, the cost of a single sales call is quite high, as any business owner knows all too well. Consider commuting time back and forth between the office and the place of a prospect or customer. Think about time spent just having to wait around in a lobby of someone’s office, and time spent in office meetings of 20 or 30 minutes. The lost hours of production time add up quickly and get piled high, resulting in jaw-dropping losses to the company.

On the other hand, an inside or telephone salesman can talk to at least 50 or so prospects or clients per day, and might be able to handle 1000 clients on his own. The cost of making a sale goes way down while at once the volume of people talked to in a given time goes way up, and the high percentage of new sales or closes needed by the field agent is no longer a worry. Telephone sales have it all over field sales when it comes to economies of scale.

With Microsoft Dynamic CRM software, the power of the telephone at least doubles. The software stores huge amounts of data on every contact that can be retrieved at a moment’s notice while the salesman is still listening to the telephone ringing on the other end. A salesman can effortlessly call up and find the most relevant data that he needs on the spot while talking to the client or prospect, thereby assuring that he sounds professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and like a good listener instead of just a talker. Microsoft Dynamic CRM makes the telephone sell so much more.

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