Microsoft CRM Software

Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM 3.0 software has a host of attractive features that benefit your company.

To begin with, the CRM software transforms your Microsoft Office Outlook into an “omniscient” place where you can at once manage client data and client communications. Microsoft Outlook collaboration and messaging tools are already the world’s biggest-selling tools for client communications management. Microsoft’s CRM widens the scope of Microsoft Outlook by transforming it into a tool that manages client information. It puts marketing pitches, sales call information, and lead data into one central location for your S&M staff members to call upon with ease and accuracy.

Microsoft’s CRM works in close collaboration with Microsoft Excel so that you can make on the fly business decisions. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software is a great tool for transforming data into information which in turn can be shared and analyzed. Microsoft CRM software contains an “always on” connection to MS Excel that permits you to easily translate client information into exciting snapshots or PivotChart dynamic perspectives. These visuals can help you comprehend in just a few seconds how a company expansion or an increase in sales volume can be of benefit to your business.

Microsoft’s CRM increases the efficiency with which your business is run through the streamlining and the standardization of your processes. Microsoft CRM software’s adaptive workflow engine allows your business to automate daily routines and task that frees up more productive time for your employees. The CRM software relieves your employees of the boring but all the same necessary work that has to be done every day. It puts on autopilot tasks that take up a lot of otherwise productive time, gives a warning of unresolved client issues, and automatically spits out vital emails to your clients and your business partners. No client needs or requests go unmet.

Microsoft’s CRM software is customizable. It works with the way your business already works. The CRM software’s relationship links, client views, and forms are easily modified without any hassle. Additinally, the CRM software allows you to make sure that you give the right information to the right people at the right time. Different employees need to have access to different information. Your managers can now be more certain than ever that the right data goes to the right desktop. They might be using Outlook or they might be using the Net and this assurance is still given through Microsoft’s CRM software.

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