MGF II – A Growth Hormone Enhancing Drug

MGF, which means Mechano Growth Factor, is a kind of ‘Insulin-like growth factor 1’ (IGF-1), is a polypeptide protein hormone having molecular structure similar to insulin. MGF is produced in body to stimulate satellite cells. It activates satellite cells develop new muscle fibers. It is the basic factor in deciding that whether the muscle will grow or not. It also promotes nitrogen retention and new protein synthesis. It promotes childhood growth and produces anabolic effects in adults.

MGF II is a growth hormone enhancing drug. MGF II molecular formula is C50H69N15O9. It appears like a white powder. It is basically a cell stimulator which stimulates satellite cells into activation, to create new muscle fibers.

MGF II is another member of the peptide family which is one of the major factors in anabolic effect of weight training. It is also responsible for the promotion of nitrogen retention and new protein synthesis in body. IGF-1 and MGF when are used as a combination, results in giving benefits like promoting rapid fat loss and rapidly developing new muscle fibers.

MGF II is highly anabolic drug. It can produce a greater increase in muscle weight, in a short span of time as compared to IGF-1. However, the drug gives best results when used with IGF-1. Thus, MGF II is often prescribed in combination with IGF-1.

MGF II is the drug that has grown very popular among bodybuilders. MGF II is often used with Lr3IGF-1 by bodybuilders in order to gain more strength as well as overall growth of the body.

MGF II is often prescribed to be injected rather then taking it orally as by injecting it causes the affected area to respond rapidly to make a new muscle tissue. It is advised to the users that they should take the injections daily to see better results. The drug is manufactured by LongigfPharm Company, China. It is important to note that the drug is not approved by the FDA. MGF II can be purchased online. There are a number of online drug stores selling MGF II online, but the drug should always be purchased from reputed and reliable online stores.

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