Men Going In For Plastic Surgery?

Women have historically been the race most likely to take advantage of plastic surgery. To the surprise of many, more and more men are looking to plastic surgery.

Men Going In For Plastic Surgery?

Mention plastic surgery patients and one immediately thinks of women. The names of procedures such as facelifts and breast augmentation, lend themselves to this assumption. In truth, women make up approximately 80 percent of all plastic surgery patients.

Of course, the above figure means 20 percent of the patients for plastic surgery are men. Given the fact there were over 10 million plastic surgery procedures in 2005, two to three million men underwent enhancement procedures. Obviously, plastic surgery for men is no longer a taboo or unmanly option.

Men tend to pursue personal enhancements for the same reasons as women. They desire to improve a perceived physical fault or push back the effects of time. The most popular procedures with men are facelifts, nose jobs, eyelid lifts and liposuction for the infamous beer gut. For obvious reasons, breast augmentation is not popular! Although the same titles are used for these procedures, the actual processes undertaken can vary widely from women to men due to the different contours found in the body of each gender.

So, why are more and more men turning to plastic surgery? There appear to be a few reasons. Men and women are both living longer. With this increased life expectancy, men tend to work far longer in the past and seek to keep their appearance in order. Even powerful men in the sports world, such as Jerry Jones [owner of Dallas Cowboys] have gone under the knife to improve or maintain their appearance.

As society faces the fact that we live longer, the idea of plastic surgery is no longer something that raises eyebrows. While celebrity men regularly undertake it, the rest of us are also getting in on the act.

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