Memories Should (and Can) Last Forever

If you’re looking for a hobby that allows you to express yourself creatively, look no further. Scrapbooking not only provides a great form of self-expression with its endless possibilities; it is also a great form of relaxation and enjoyment. For generations to come, your family will appreciate the unique spin you incorporate into documenting the moments-ordinary and extraordinary-that define their legacy.

Americans are now, more than ever, calling scrapbooking one of their favorite pastimes. More than a hobby for most, scrapbooking has become a lifestyle for millions of people dedicated to preserving life’s most treasured moments. Today, as many as one in three American households embrace scrapbooking as their preferred method of memory preservation, believing that how well you preserve personal mementos will influence generations to come.

Scrapbooking’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last couple of years. No longer the “cut, paste, add sticker” of the early days, scrapbooking has evolved to incorporate a variety of mediums-paper, fabric, ribbon, wood, metal, chalk and paint-you name it. The “anything goes” mantra, combined with a whole host of high-quality products and innovative tools, is sure to get your creative energy flowing.

Some of the innovative tools out there include a device for quickly and easily cutting designs, called the Xyron Personal Cutting System, and a one-of-a-kind handheld printer that allows printing directly onto most any surface, called the Xyron Design Runner. With the Personal Cutting System, shapes, layered designs and letter accents can easily be cut at the mere touch of a button. And with the Design Runner, a selection of preset shapes, phrases and other designs (like Happy Birthday, butterflies and Happy Holidays) can give your projects a personalized and polished look.

To get started, follow the tips below from Xyron, the experts in scrapbooking tools and creative self-expression, to ensure your memories last forever:

• Use only acid-free supplies-acid-free adhesives, for example, help protect delicate memorabilia, such as ticket stubs and dried flowers.

• Incorporate a variety of items, such as ribbons, tissue paper and jewels into your scrapbook-a diversity of items will add texture and personality to your pages.

• Purchase top-quality tools-such as the Design Runner-to effortlessly print captions and headings directly onto your projects, on a variety of surfaces.

Expert advice and cool tools can definitely give you a professional edge, but your photos and special memories are the key to successful scrapbooking. Most people save precious photos, travel souvenirs and sentimental objects, whether in boxes, envelopes or even dresser drawers. Taking the collected items just one step further by putting them in a scrapbook ensures joyous personal experiences and memories will stay fresh in the minds of those who experienced them first-hand, while creating a vivid legacy for generations to come.

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