Medicine Ball – The Perfect Gym Tool!

A medicine ball is a great workout tool. It looks simple but its versatility is unmatched. What you do with a medicine ball is called plyometric exercise. A good starting exercise is to find a partner and simply play catch with the medicine ball.

The ability to generate strength and power is a very important component for success in many sports, particularly in those involving explosive movements. Medicine ball training, in conjunction with a program of weight training and circuit training, can be used to develop strength and power. Certain medicine ball exercises can also be used as part of a plyometric training program to develop explosive movements. Medicine ball training is appropriate to all levels of ability, age, development and sport. To be most effective the program should contain exercises that match the pattern of movements of the sport.

The body is allowed to move in several different planes of movement with a medicine ball. What you may not know is that combining a medicine ball with your stability ball is another way to challenge your body. Slowly twist your upper body off the stability ball and move the medicine ball fully to one side. The participant then extends with their entire body to bring the medicine ball up and throw it at the wall.

For more of a challenge, do the same exercise using a 2- to 4-kilogram medicine ball. See why rehabilitation specialists and atheletes all incorporate medicine ball exercises into exercise programs for shoulder pain and arm pain.

The medicine ball can be used to simulate the golf swing, tennis ground stroke, basketball chest pass and many other sport specific movements. Instructions: Start by performing a shallow squat with the medicine ball held in front of you at chest level. Instruction: Start by performing a shallow squat with the medicine ball held in front of you at chest level. The medicine ball is held in front of the chest and the elbows are kept outward.

Included in most Medicine Ball packages is an exercise wall chart to help you decide what exercises will work best for you! Choose 2-3 medicine ball drills to incorporate into your speed and agility workout.

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