Maternity Celeb Baby Names

Naming their babies seems to have become a growing trend (and some might even call it a sport) among celebrities, actors, actresses, pop musicians and the likes. The ultimate goal is to give the kid the coolest and rarest name in town (ShowbizVille).

Ten years ago or even five years ago the task was easy but since then it has become harder and harder to come up with something unique that would make headlines. And then you’re also competing with your fellow showbiz colleagues’ babies named Alaia, Amandine, Rebel etc.

So when reading the stories in magazines and newspapers what do we ordinary people do when hearing these maternity celeb baby names? Surely we’re not able to create the same headlines or make it the 7 o’clock news but we can at least feel inspired.

The fact is that the showbiz world influences us in a lot of ways. It can be the way we cut our hair, the clothes we chose to buy, the make-up and the cars that we drive. So in reality it isn’t that strange to see ordinary people giving their children names just like the celebrities.

Some examples of celeb baby names are: Alaia (Stephen Baldwin), Amandine (John Malkovich), Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin), Assisi Jade (Jagger), Atticus (Isabella Hoffman and Daniel Baldwin)…

The list is long and every week a new celeb baby name is making headlines. There has actually been published a book called “Cool Names for Babies” that has tons of celebrity baby names along with lots of other unique (some might call them strange) baby names.

To be honest I think that it is great that people are naming their kids are old Greek philosophers, Roman gods, extinct animals and the likes. It provides us with a great, colorful landscape of names and it sends out positive energy.

However I do feel that you need to give it some thought before giving your child some crazy names just to make it special. It might be unique to be names “Ass” but I’m sure that it’ll give the kid a hard time growing up. So be careful what you end up naming your baby.

To end I’ll give you a few more maternity celeb baby names for inspiration: Cosima (Nigella Lawson), Daisy Boo (Jamie Oliver), Dexter (Diane Keaton), Dixie Dot and Bibi Belle (Anna Ryder Richardson), Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q (Bono), Gulliver (Gary Oldman)…

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