Marketing Article Tips And Tricks From The Pros

Many work at home business owners post a hundred free content articles in the article directories, before they realize that there is more to the free content link building program then first meets the eye.

While the article directories work, there is a little more involved for Internet Marketers who want to max out their links in a short time.

Article Directories And Newsletters

The article directories are divided by category, but most of the time, they are so vague that web publishers need to waste hours finding a great article.

The most common application for web articles is in newsletters. Most webmasters promise their visitors a bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter. Instead of collecting articles from writers, they use free content.

The way to appeal to these publishers is to write ‘dynamite’ titles. To many article writers use titles like, how to start a work at home business, start a business in ten days, etc..

Instead, solve a problem for the readers and use titles to sell the article. Titles like ‘WHAM! Make Money This Week,” “I Will Help You Earn a Living in Less Than a Year,” “Toss Internet Marketing Out the Door.”

This type of title makes the publisher look good in their subscribers eye. It looks like the publisher is giving their subscribers something new and innovative.

Evergreen Content

Many people ask what evergreen content really is. In short, it is anything which has been written about thousands of times, and can be found on any website.

It is easy to write evergreen content. Find a few versions on the web, compile the information, rewrite it, and there is another article ready for the web. Unfortunately, most publishers have already published a few articles with the same information. They need something new.

Build an Article

1. The trick is adding one new piece of information near the top of the article. And – forget the introduction. The business is not writing for magazine publication. Keep To The Point.

2. Start the article by highlighting a problem, and then promise to solve the problem.

3. Break the article into easy to ‘skim’ sections. Each section shouldn’t just tell someone how to do something, it should show them HOW to do it.

4. End on a positive point that encourages the reader to move on to the next article. While it might be nice to have people click the link- it never happens. In fact, articles that end with a ‘hard sell’ and try to steal the reader, are often overlooked by newsletter publishers who want the visitor to buy from their site.

This section ‘Build an Article’ is an example of showing people HOW to write a good article.

Example of Telling people WHAT needs to be done: You need to build good web articles that solve problems the reader will face.

Pro Active Marketing

After a few months go to Google or Yahoo and search the article titles. Find out who is using the content, and why. Thy to gear future articles to favour the products sold on those web pages.

Another good idea is to contact the webmaster and ask them if they would like to receive a free article each month. Many will love the time saving idea.

Taking control of the article distribution will also give writers the opportunity to embed their link in the article using keywords. This creates an executive link, which is given a higher rank by the search engines.

Happy hunting –

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