Manual Directory Submission- A Perfect Fit For Your Website

Do you know the Webmaster community always prefers manual directory submission than auto submitting? More over it is highly advantageous. Directories expect all details of your site for effective inclusion.

For getting good rankings in the search engines and to receive a bunch of one-way links most of the Webmasters submit their site to web directories. Some of the directories considered the automated submission as a SPAM. Hence it is highly advisable to opt the manual directory submission.

You may come across-

“Wanna submit your site to 90,000 search engines and directories IN SECONDS? Just you can submit through our completely automated search engine submission”

The submission rates of these types are so cheap and so is the result of these submissions. Moreover there is chance of your site being blacklisted by some of the popular directories like DMOZ. Keep these points in your mind before you utilize automated software for submission.

Recently most of the directories use CAPTCHA (IMAGE confirmation)- to prevent the automated directory submission. This is nothing but an image with numbers and letters that have to be manually entered. Hence automated submitters feel difficult to handle this situation.

Don’t think that your site will be listed once you submit the same to directories. Editors of the directories have their own policy to include or reject sites. Some of the reasons for rejecting sites are as follows:

· Ad sense scrapper sites
· Sites that redirect to another site
· Broken links in the sites
· Excessive ads and pop ups
· Every page of the site opens in a new window
· Takes forever to load
· Having invalid description

In spite of clearing these lacunas in your site, your site will not be included in the directory if you submitted through back door- automated submission.

The manual directory submission has more advantages over the automated search engine submission. As the directory contains categories and subcategories, you can submit your site in a relevant category, which is impossible in the case of automated submission.

Automated submission just posts a set of predefined data that may lead to incomplete submission and finally rejection of your site. Through manual directory submission, you will be able to submit the various directories according to the different input systems.

While submitting your site through manually, if the website submission is not through or directory is down, you can submit your site later than never through software submission.

An added advantage of manual submission is that an e-mail confirmation and CAPCHA code (image) verification is made immediately which is never with automatic submission.

Some of the popular directories do require registering as member before opting for submission. These directories won’t accept the cheap automated software submission.

Knowing these points will help you more chances of including your site in almost all the directories. Happy Submission!!!

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