Making The Most Of The Front Of Your Home Using Wind Chimes

To beautify the front of your home and enhance your landscape, why not use the magical benefits of wind chimes? They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and price ranges, and are sure to be the perfect compliment, regardless of exterior design.

Small nondescript houses are especially flattered by such yard features as trellises, decorative mailboxes, birdhouses, and wind chime designs that add a distinct country home décor charm.

Outdoor southwest décor can be enhanced by a more natural looking landscape, one harmonious with the eco-system. Use large wooden tubs of ornamental cactus or interesting semi-succulent flora, strategically placed in a section of the yard made up of ornamental stones, bark chips, or native ground cover.

Areas within the garden and along the perimeter can be planted with tufts of ornamental grasses. Drifts of native plants that flower at different times of the year will add color and give balance to the landscape design.

A stone or cement bird bath, garden bench, and perfectly tuned wind chimes suspended from the branch of a tree not only make the yard look more appealing, but more inviting as well. Hear the haunting “vocals” tapped from each pipe as the wind passes by, and enjoy the tranquil setting where harmony kisses the sun.

This type landscape design is not only unique and attractive, but low-maintenance; an added bonus that busy homeowners will surely appreciate.

Wind chimes can be used as an enhancement and to create a certain mood or compliment design in a variety of ways. A set of small diameter pipe wind chimes suspended from an elaborate hanger by the front door can replace a doorbell or door knocker during mild weather months. A small polished brass plaque beside it could announce a formal “Ring for service,” or a more playful, “Ring my chimes.”

Such an arrangement could enhance an otherwise plain porch. A natural wood or painted lattice or fan trellis, embraced by flowering vines, could complete the quaint scene. If positioning of the porch allows, place the trellis on the north end to reduce force of air current. That way, when the chimes “sing” you know you have a visitor.

Use decorating ideas that compliment the front of your yard, beautifying what you have to work with, instead of competing against it. Finely tuned wind chimes are a sure way to add a relaxing note; complimentary, therapeutic, and feng shui enhancing.

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