Making Pottery for Business or Pleasure

If you are looking for a great creative outlet or a new hobby that can bring in a little spare change while you are at it, you may want to consider learning to make your own pottery. It is a great and fun hobby that isn’t terribly expensive, once you have the initial tools of the trade and is a lot of fun for many people around the world. Moreover the results of your efforts when it comes to pottery making are actually useful items to have around the house or to bring in a little extra income selling on Ebay or at local craft fairs and flea markets.

Well-made and carefully selected pieces of pottery also make excellent gifts for friends and family. If you are one of the millions of people around the world who really feel the pinch around holidays then learning to make your own pottery can really help to soften the blow while providing great gifts for those you love. There are many useful purposes for pottery not the least of which is as bowls, baking dishes, containers, pitchers to hold liquid, vases, pen and pencil holders-the possibilities are virtually limitless for what can be done with pottery once you have the basic tools in your possession as well as a few primary skills that are necessary to create the wonderful works of art.

One thing to keep in mind is that making pottery is not a one size fits all process. There have been many different methods for the creation of pottery that have been utilized throughout history by many different cultures and the results are all similar in many ways while remaining quite unique to the culture, the clay, the people, and the history of those who have created the pottery. Well beyond the actual tools used in the making of the pottery there are different markings that are placed upon the many pieces that often represent the artisans that created it or the tribes that were responsible for a particular style of pottery. In today’s pottery the tool markings are often symbols of the artisan and are almost all unique to that particular artist. This eliminates the likelihood of forgeries and gives credit to the artists who craft individual items where credit is due.

When learning to make pottery it is important that you are willing to learn several different styles of creating beautiful art with ceramics in order to have more versatility. The more styles and techniques you familiarize yourself with the more likely you are to find a style that you most enjoy and have a wider range of skills from which to draw when creating new works of art. Pottery is an immensely useful skill to know and there are many amazing and beautiful styles that can be learned for creating these beautiful pieces. Take the time to learn as many as you have access to learn.

Another thing that must be done when learning to make pottery is not only learning different styles of pottery but also learning to use your imagination when creating pottery so that you can see new and useful creations to be made. Those little touches are the very things that allow one artist to stand out from all the rest. If you can create a style that is uniquely your own when it comes to making pottery then you will enjoy far greater commercial success as an artist. Even if you are only learning to throw pottery as a hobby the more styles you have mastered, the more you will enjoy making your own beautiful pieces and the more versatility you will have in their creation.

Whether you use your skills to create platters, bowls, cups, plates, bake ware, spoon rests, vases, or any number of other delightful creations you should find great pleasure in the creation of these pieces first and foremost. The more you enjoy making pottery the more you will find that you want to make.

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