Making Ebooks Readable

The term ‘ebook reader’ has migrated from a stand alone ebook reading device to software developed to allow the reading of ebooks to take place in a variety of portable environments.

Early ebook readers like Gemstar Rocket and Franklin were designed to allow the transport of ebooks in a convenient portable microchip infused package.

Once someone challenged the notion that devices needed to be run separately this line of thinking also began to change.

Today ebooks are being viewed over PDA’s, Palm Pilots, cell phones and BlackBerries. Once developers made it possible for mini-computers to talk to their PC counterparts they began to understand that the ebook could find a home in a variety of portable applications.

The stand-alone ebook readers are still available, but many consumers are finding the ability to run multiple applications with one device an alternative they enjoy.

Many ebook downloads are provided as a Portable Document File (PDA) while others are not. The variety of ebook publishing software makes access to a variety of reader software necessary.

Common ebook Reader Software

Adobe Acrobat: This software is a widely used application for the reading of PDA files. What makes this most attractive to consumers is the fact that it comes as a free download.

Microsoft Reader: This product is another free download and can be used with a PC device either stationary or portable. Many existing computer devices already have it loaded into the system prior to device purchase.

Weasel Reader: This free software product reads zTXT files for Palm Pilots and supports bookmarks.

Palm Reader: This product comes in both a free version as well as a professional paid version. The pro version allows you greater control over the look of the ebook fonts. It also provides complimentary ebooks and a dictionary.

Micropocket Reader: The Micropocket Reader offers a free pro version that supports a variety of ebook formats, but also includes the ability to view PowerPoint presentations over your portable devices.

The µBook Reader: The µBook ebook reader does require a fee for download, but supports a variety of files including PDB, PRC, HTML, TXT, and RTF. This product also supports most major photo files.

The use of any of the above programs or even several unlisted ebook reader software applications call allow you to download your favorite ebooks and take them on the road. Now, the portability of an ebook could be linked to your phone, MP3 player and portable PC making the most of your time away form the home or office.

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