Making A Twig Wreath

This twig wreath makes a very attractive decoration for inside or outside and one in which you can take great pride. The materials which you will require are a wire coat hanger, craft wire, I like to use about a 22-24 gauge wire, twigs, I like to break them into five inch lengths, berries, dried flowers, pinecones, whatever seems right to you, you are the creator so you are the one to be pleased. Unless of course you are making it on order for a customer, then, you do your best to create what the customer wants, then if they are satisfied you will be too, because a satisfied customer is your very best advertisement.

First bend the lower part of your coat hanger to form a circle; this will be the wreath base for your twig wreath. Next bend the hook part of your coat hanger into an oval; this will be the hanger by which you will hang your finished project.

Cut several pieces of wire into six inch lengths. Next, take a small handful of twigs, whatever number looks right to you and wire them together, this is called making a “bunch”. Secure the end of the wire in such a way that no one will be apt to be stabbed at some future time. Make several other bunches the same way until you feel that you have enough bunches to cover the wreath base.

Now take a bunch and wire it securely onto the wreath base. Take another bunch and being careful to overlap the first bunch so that the wire is covered, do the same thing.

Repeat this over and over until your wreath base is finished. Tuck the last bunch of twigs underneath the first bunch to hide the wiring and fasten on. Clip the wire and tuck it in securely and as safely as possible, to avoid any potential injury. If you find that the first bunch is too inflexible to be maneuvered this way, don’t worry about it, you can just glue some of the flowers or other ornamental parts on in such a way that the wiring will be covered.

Next take the berries, dried flowers, pinecones etc. and tuck them and glue them around on the wreath, placing them in areas that seem right to you. Let the glue dry and you will have a very attractive twig wreath which will make a lovely decoration for either inside or outside your home.

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