Make Your Baby Shower Ideas Special – 6 Golden Tips for Planning A Baby Shower (Part One)

Trying hard in finding some extra special baby shower ideas?

Easy, easy.

Everything on this planet can be done in a very simple way – So are your baby showers.

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to host a Shower.

However, if you’re pulling your hair out as how to turn your baby shower into a really special and exciting celebration for the soon-to-be-parents, follow my 3 golden tips below.

You will soon find out that planning a baby shower is just a snap and full of fun.

Golden Tip 1: Let Your Imagination Flow

Do you have the desire for something a little more elaborate and unique? If the answer is yes, you may need a few baby shower ideas’ triggers.

I can’t imagine a baby shower without energy and creativities. If, for any reason, you are not able to come up with any creative ideas, I would suggest you to think out the box.

My suggestion is that don’t keep your imagination only stay with the topic of baby shower. Think big and thing something could create a special time that will live in everyone’s memories for years to come.

I’m not saying that you should turn your Shower into a cover story on the next issue of Parenting or American Baby. If you can, congratulations!

But for many of our people, we’re all surrounded by all kinds of free information about love, family, and generations on TV, magazines, newspaper, and outdoor advertisements. Speak them with your friends and families, and see if they can come up with some special baby shower ideas.

For example, you can have a celebration of the entire family and their heritage especially with the soon-to-be-grandparents. You can even be creative to include some of your close friends in your guest list, and play games include friends sharing trivia about their own families, like famous relatives, traditions, or a funny family story.

Golden Tip 2: Learn from Other Party Experiences.

As someone once said, “The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of good ideas.” It works the same way to find unique baby shower ideas.

Lots of baby shower hostesses don’t realize that the most creative baby shower ideas lie somewhere deep in their mind. They just don’t know it.

I mean, we’ve all spent hours coming up with birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, and even holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Once the party is over, however, all that energy and all those ideas usually just dwindle away.

Think about this: If you can get out the party photos somehow find their way into a forgotten folder on your computer’s hard drive or hidden inside a photo album somewhere, you can simply put an end to all the wasting of your time.

Golden Tip 3: If You Can, Throw A Coed Baby Shower and Assign A Male Co-host.

Not only celebrities in L.A tend to ahead of the curve when it come to trends, a famous baby site also reports that nearly half of baby showers now are coed parties.

Especially with busy soon-to-be-Moms, like business owner, company executives, and celebrities, there is often a Mr. Mom at home who expects to fully participate in the baby shower. And of course, their male buddies.

Beside, dad-to-be plays a very big role during the pregnancy and in the new baby’s life, why should you get the new mom to celebrate on her own?

Of course, hosting a coed baby shower is more than just putting the male guests on the inviting list. Some shower hostesses even worry that guys would not attend such a party where participants play games such as Round-the-Tummy.

If you could not stand the thought of seeing their bored unhappy faces, my suggestion is to ask one of them to give you a hand.

In fact, the male co-host can provide big help from choosing the stylish color invitation, to picking up the dad-friendly baby shower ideas and games, and guiding the men to check gift registry as they often don’t know what to buy for the baby-to-come.

The best co-host candidate: the soon-to-be-grandpa or any male guest who has the experiences of baby shower or the pregnancy process.

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