Make Outsourcing Easier With Multi Time Zone Clocks

Outsourcing has been a part of our language since 1980. This involves leaving the management of non-core operations to an external entity that specializes in such operations. Most companies take this measure in order to cut back on costs and lessen the effects of conditions like blackouts and calamities that may slow down production. Because the external entity is usually located in another country, regular communication between the two parties is very important because it helps them coordinate with each other. Also, giving each other constant updates is very much needed in the improvement of the relationship of both parties. This is an indication of transparency which is a quality that is needed to maintain the existence of trust between both parties.

Because of huge time differences, especially for western companies outsourcing in Asian countries, setting up meetings and conference calls can be a challenge. With all the activities that are scheduled within the day, mixing them up is very much inevitable. It is even worse when these activities are scheduled at different time zones. Without multi time zone clocks, scheduling such activities and remembering them can be quite challenging.

The Advantages of Having Multi Time Zone Clocks In The Office

Not being able to make it to conference calls and online meetings are worse than not setting up a meeting at all. Not only will it make you appear inconsiderate and unreliable, it will also make you seem unapproachable. Distributing multi time zone clocks all over the office will make sure that you will never miss a meeting.

Being late is better than not showing up at all. But, it doesn’t mean that it won’t affect your relationship with your colleagues. You don’t want them to think that your company is filled with irresponsible individuals who have no concept of punctuality. Having multi time zone clocks in your office can help you avoid such unpleasant incidents.

You may believe that having the latest IT program will be good enough to help you keep track of the time but you have to be aware that bugs, power failure, loss of internet connection and system failure can affect the effectiveness of the most efficient program. Having too much confidence in such products can lead to your failure. Getting some multi time zone clocks will give you a reliable back up. All you need to do is make sure that the batteries are changed regularly and the hands of both clocks are properly adjusted.

In order to make sure that your employees can effectively communicate with their clients and their counterparts abroad, you should make sure that all of them have a multi time zone clock on each of their desks. In any project that requires coordination, having a distinct perception of time is very crucial to its completion. Multi time zone clocks will also help them relate with their clients. Sometimes, pleasantries can make or break a deal. And, knowing what time it is in their clients’ side of the globe will definitely help them warm up to their clients. After all, knowing when to greet your client, “good morning” or “good evening” is very important in beginning a conversation.

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