Make Grandma’s Day – Kids Gift Suggestions For Grandparents Day

Gifts for Grandparents Day don’t have to be complex. In fact, of all the holidays that children participate in, Grandparents Day is one of the simplest for which to create a gift. The first thing to remember is that, for a grandparent, spending money is not always the best option.

Grandparents love gifts from the heart. This often means crafts or gifts created without spending any money. For example, rather than buying a bouquet of flowers to hand to Grandma, a handpicked bunch of wildflowers would be more appreciated from her young grandson or granddaughter. And in place of a store-bought greeting card, a hand drawn and written card would be more expressive of the youth’s true feelings toward his or her grandparents.

If your child is old enough to read, help them to find a simple, short book or story that involves children with their grandparents, and have them read it to their grandparents. Or, if they are a little older, perhaps they could even write a poem for their grandparents. All of these ideas cost nothing and yet mean the world to your child’s eldest relatives.

If your child is too young to get involved in such projects, give them simple tasks. Have them color a picture and give it to Grandpa, or let them glue macaroni to construction paper and create a picture for their grandparents. Even something as simple as writing names when the child has learned to spell can be impressive as a gift to doting grandparents on Grandparents Day.

This is one reason that grandparents are so special and deserve to be celebrated. They are always excited by the smallest of accomplishments by their grandchildren. It is almost as though they see it as a job to make a “mountain out of a mole hill” in regards to the slightest advancement in their grandchildren’s intelligence or abilities.

So, whether a simple stick-figure picture or a complex collage depicting what the child thinks or feels about his or her grandparents, any gift is bound to be seen as special by Grandma or Grandpa on Grandparents Day.

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