Make Cleanup Time Fun For Moms And Toddlers

Each day, toddlers everywhere enjoy playtime activities that engage their natural curiosity and allow them to demonstrate their fun-loving enthusiasm. But as every parent knows, when the playtime ends, the much-needed task of cleanup begins. Moms can help toddlers ease cleanup time hesitation by incorporating engaging games, fun and imagination into the process.

A nationwide survey revealed that 98 percent of moms would like to team up with their toddlers to be actively involved in the cleanup process and help them learn good hygiene habits.

Because they are working together as a team, 9 out of 10 moms agree that bath time can be a special one-on-one bonding time. In fact, 92 percent of moms make a point to engage in playful bath time at least three or more times a week. So it is no surprise that today’s moms are on the lookout for fun products that help them teach their toddlers how to take part in the cleanup process.

Based on these consumer insights, Kimberly-Clark recently introduced Huggies Cleanteam- a line of toiletries for toddlers that has been developed to make cleanup time more fun for mom and toddler-and help toddlers learn about hygiene. The line, which includes cleansing cloths, body wash, bath mitts, shampoo, detangler, and hand soap, features fun and interactive letter-shaped characters called Alphamals.

“It’s more than just a line of toddler toiletries-Huggies Cleanteam provides a bonding experience for mother and child,” said Steve Kalmanson, group president, North Atlantic Consumer Products for Kimberly-Clark. “The toiletries keep toddlers engaged through the use of characters, bottle shapes and fragrances and help teach cleaning habits to children that will last a lifetime.”

The products help make clean-up time more like playtime by pairing a toddler’s love of animals, learning and imagination with mom’s need to make mealtime, potty time, on-the-go cleanup and bath time easier.

Widely available at major retail locations, Huggies Cleanteam products feature a unique Blue Melon Splash fragrance, formulated specifically for toddlers in 9- oz. and 15-oz. bottles.

Tips to Help Make Cleanup Time a Fun Experience

Interactive Bath Time Games:

• Suds it up. Use tear-free, all-over body wash to clean up and have fun. Soap suds are perfect for “drawing” on the bathtub wall and watching the bubbles slide down.

• Make bath time an adventure! Mix hypoallergenic shaving cream with a few drops of food coloring to create a fun paint to use on little toes, legs, arms and bellies.

• Think of creative ways to encourage cleanup. An old set of measuring cups are great to fill and dump into one another while in the bathtub. Little ones can even use them to help you rinse the shampoo out of their hair.

Easy Cleanups Keep

Families Smiling:

• Be prepared for any mess. Being prepared for messy situations will allow you to let your toddler play and learn by getting dirty. With cleansing cloths that are perfect for “on-the-go,” you’ll be prepared for any mess and your child will learn from your example.

• Just for them. Giving children a product made just for them makes cleanup time extra special. Use fun, foaming hand soap to encourage hand washing and put your child on the path towards a healthy habit.

• Help your child grow. By letting your toddler begin to clean up by themselves, he or she will start to feel a sense of pride and independence. Flushable, moist wipes are a great way to help your little ones finish up by themselves.

Today’s moms are on the lookout for fun products that help them teach their toddlers how to take part in the cleanup process.

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