Make a recycled CD valentine hanging

Art and crafts is something that allows you to improve your skills and at the same time you can also make the best use of something that would otherwise be thrown out somewhere else. Here some tips are being given so that you can easily make a valentine hanging made from recycled CD’s.

You need to have 3 CD’s, 4 red heart paper doily of 6” each, 1 sheet of red construction paper 9” * 12”, Moroccan red opaque acrylic paint, ¼” red satin ribbon, wood curtain ring, white craft glue and newspapers.

1. First you need to spread out some newspaper on your work surface. Lay the three CDs on the newspaper and squeeze some of the red acrylic paint into the yogurt container. Paint a thick coat of paint onto the first side of the three CD’s. Let them dry completely.

2. When the paint takes its time to dry you can make the cupid portion of this craft. Then draw or trace a cupid shape onto a piece of construction paper. Then cut it out without any of the lines showing and set it aside.

3. Now turn the three CD’s over and paint the other side with a thick coat of paint and let it dry completely.

4. When the paint on the second side is dry, it is the time to add the doilies and the cupid to the CD’s. The doilies are large enough to cover the entire surface of a CD such that you can spread the glue on the entire surface of the two CD’s and then press a heart shaped doily down onto the CD. Smooth out the doily so that there are no bumps and if you do this way there should not be any such bumps or lines. When you get a doily ready on one side of the two CD’s repeat the process of gluing the other side of the CD. Spread a thin layer of glue between the portion of the doilies that extend past the edges of the CD and press the doilies together. Repeat for the doilies on the second CD and rest the CD on top of a bottle to dry so that it doesn’t sticks to a surface.

5. Now arrange the cupid shape on one side of the remaining painted CD and when you are satisfied with the arrangement lift up the cupid shape, spread glue on the back of the cupid where it will come in contact with the CD and press it back into place, smoothing out nay wrinkles.

6. Measure and cut a 33” piece of the ribbon and lay it down on your work surface. Tie one end of the ribbon in a knot around the bottom of the curtain ring. Trim that end of the ribbon but it should not be too close to the knot or it will come undone. You are however free to add a small drop of glue behind the knot to keep it secured.

7. Arrange the three CDs on top of it with an equal amount of space between each. The first CD with a heart doily on it should be arranged below the wood ring, the second CD below that and then the final CD. When you are satisfied with the arrangement, lift the CD’s up one at a time, squeeze a line of glue down the ribbon where it will touch the CD and press it back to the place. Make sure that you have at least 4” of ribbon hanging down below the last CD. Let the glue dry completely before hanging.


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