Learning To Type And Handwriting Analysis – How Typing Skills Help You Hide Your Personality….

Why is learning to type good for you?

There are plenty of reasons why, for example:

When you learn to type, you’re able to put out your words on paper in a professional way, and especially today that computers, text editors and word-processors with many features are available. So, instead of writing with your hands, you can type your words on the computer.

When you learn the art of typing, especially speed typing, where you type speedily with ten fingers, it allows you to accomplish more work in a shorter time, so that you can communicate easier and more often with your buddies and relatives via E-mail.

Typing skills can help you get a better job opportunity, like an office job, or perhaps to start working at home as a freelance typist. Typing skills are also handy when you need to build a web site, so that you can type many content-rich web pages at great typing speed, to attract the search engines and human visitors.

So, you see that learning to type is a great skill to master.

But, you might be wondering: what does it all have to do with Handwriting Analysis?

Let me tell you what… It’s pretty obvious:

When you’re learning to type, you’re acquiring a skill that will allow you to communicate your words, your thought and feelings to others, while not giving away your handwriting to other people.

What is wrong with sharing your handwriting with other people, you ask?

Well, here’s what: when you share your handwriting with other, you’re actually sharing with them part of yourself.

You’re sharing not only your thought and feelings, but much of your inner life secrets, like your emotional conflicts, your self-esteem, your thought-process and even your most-hidden relationship secrets.

You are, In fact, sharing a great deal of your personality.

I won’t go into details here on what could be inferred from your handwriting; you’ll need to take a full-blown course to learn it all. But as far as can be said in the frame of this article, it should be enough for you to know that your handwriting can reveal to others a great deal about yourself.

Now, you’ve just learned another reason why learning to type is good for you. When you learn to type, you acquire a skill that will help you communication your words to others, without handing them out a piece of your handwriting.

Learning to type will not only allow you to attain great typing speed, but also help you hide your personality from others, so that you don’t have to give away a sample of your handwriting – and yourself.

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