Learning To Read The Magazine Network Business

The independent sales of magazine has been around as long as magazines have been published. Subscription sales have the lifeblood of many marketing networks and earning a few dollars by selling subscriptions for dozens of magazines has made it possible for many people to earn a good living providing a worthwhile product to the public.

The magazine marketing network got its start many years ago with grade school kids selling magazines to their parents and neighbors to raise money for school functions. From there it progressed to high schools raising money for school supplies and improvements and then on to the college age students trying to raise money to pay their tuition costs. There are a few magazine marketing networks that been accused of abusing the college students by taking them to strange towns, having them canvass neighborhoods for says at a time and not paying them enough to live on while they are on the road.

The road trips for magazine sales could last from two to 12 weeks, during which all expenses are paid by the distribution company and at the end of the travel period, the expenses are deducted from the commissions earned on the magazine sales, with many students ending up owing money to the company. Many magazine publishers and distributors sis not like the negative publicity and changed their distributor network online, creating a magazine marketing network that provides sales without accusations of abusing the kids.

There are many opportunities for individuals to join a magazine marketing network and receive usually small commissions for selling magazine subscriptions through their web site. However, these networks do not sell only one magazine. There may be thousands of publications on their list and even if they receive mere pennies, or in come cases dimes for each subscription sold, the numbers can quickly add up to a decent paycheck.

There are magazines for virtually every interest under the sun and some that appeal to only a select few. With the internet age still growing and many people getting their information online, magazines have begun to offer online subscriptions as well as the home delivery contracts. A magazine marketing network that can cater to the at home reader as well as to the online reader can enjoy continued success in the publishing industry.

The marketer that can successfully reach the readers of magazines online, offering a choice of delivery methods, will be able to survive in this market. One of the best parts of a magazine marketing network is that the site owner has little to do once the potential subscriber finds their site. Once they choose a magazine or two, or three they simply fill out the online form, which is sent to the publisher of the magazines and pay the bill when it comes due. The marketer gets paid just for directing the customer to the magazine subscription form.

The primary distributor typically works with numerous publishers and once the subscription forms are sent to them, they can submit the subscription to the right publisher for appropriate distribution.

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