Learn All About Stained Glass In A Class

In the past few years I have made it a goal each year to try at least three new things during the course of that year. So when January rolls around I sit down and consider what skills or hobbies I’d like to gain in the next year and then I make plans to learn those very things. This past year I decided that I finally wanted to learn how to make stained glass pieces of my very own.

I’ve always been intrigued by stained glass and I think it is one of the most beautiful kinds of art that exist. I love seeing stained glass pieces hanging in windows or used as candleholders. So I was very excited when I remembered my long lost desire to learn stained glass and I began the search for the best possible way to learn stained glass making.

There are many ways to learn any new skill or hobby that is of interest to you. In fact, I was a bit overwhelmed in choosing how I would undergo the task of learning about stained glass. The first move I made was to do a little research of my options. I went to the library and found quite a few helpful resources on doing stained glass at your own home on your own time. However, for me, this wasn’t the best plan. I know that I would start with great intentions and then let the busyness of life overwhelm my best intentions with the project.

I ended up signing up for a class that would teach me how to do stained glass once a week at the local college. I went this route because I know myself and my tendency to do better when I have the outside accountability that a class and other classmates provides for me. So I began attending this class and was so thankful for the choice I made. I was thankful because I learned more than I expected to about stained glass work in a short amount of time. It seemed like it was only a few weeks before I was working on a stained glass piece of my own that I could have and cherish in my home.

So my encouragement is to anyone that desires to learn about stained glass. I’d suggest that you find a class to enroll in at a local college or an art shop. Getting involved with other artists will inspire you and hold you accountable on weeks when you don’t really have time to work on your pieces. If you enjoy your stained glass class half as much as I do than you’ll love it.

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