LCD Tv – How To Maintain Your LCD Screens

“LCD” is a recently conceived display technology which offers clear images with the support of crystals. These crystals will be sandwiched between two thin layers and when the power hits on these crystals, they begin to display pictures on the screen. This new technology has been embedded with most of the televisions and laptops. It is your duty to preserve this technology by taking certain precautions like:

Always play your LCD television only at living room temperature. Therefore you can maintain your screen life for longer. When you use your TV more than optimum humidity and temperature, you may lose your lifetime of the product. It should not go below 10 degree Celsius. If so the brightness and the response time of the TV will be diminished automatically. Huge fluctuation in humidity and temperature will also make your product lose its lifetime.

Your television screen has to be free from dust and other liquid spots. Better to keep in a neat place. Dust may become a cause malfunctioning. When any liquid goes inside, it will surely cause corrosion.

It is essential to care of the screen, as it is made with fragile natured glass material. Keep your screen free from vibrations, shaking’s etc. As the screen has made of soft film, it may easily be damaged even by slight scratches. Keep away all the sharp articles from the screen. It will be better to have ESD protection.

Wires are the main elements of the TV which passes power to the internal parts of device. Those cords should not be stretched hardly. Never bend cords while you wipe dust in it.

The screen will have to be turned off while not in use other wise, the brightness may become low.

So read buyers guide before you buy lcd televisions to get upadte yourslef in this latest technology.

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