Laser printer or inkjet printer – Which one would you go for

“Laser printer or inkjet printer” this is something which must be rolling in your mind if you’re thinking of buying a printer. Buying a printer to a great extent depends on the type of work you would like to do on the printer.

For instance, if you want to print few photos, few e books or print any other project work an inkjet printer would help your cause. Inkjet printers are far less expensive than laser printers. An Inkjet printer uses a unique printer mechanism, which provides quality printing. They transfer tiny droplets of ink directly to the page. This is the reason why you will find most photo printers are inkjets. If you want to print photos at home, photo inkjet printer would probably be a perfect choice.

You might get an inkjet printer for less but they cost high to run. The ink required by inkjet printers is expensive as they are measured on per page basis. On the other hand laser printers have a high initial price but a low running cost.

When to opt for laser printers?
No matter laser printers are far more expensive than inkjet printers but they have a low running cost. For instance, if you want to print thousands of photo printouts, e books or print any other projects in bulk, laser printer would help your cause. The quality of printing provided by a laser printer is of a higher resolution as compared to an inkjet printer. You can also use laser printer at home if you require to take thousands of printouts. It would always be advisable to treat a laser printer as an investment rather than an expense.

You need to workout properly to judge the capacity of your business prints per day. This will help you to make a better decision of the type of printer which can best suit you.

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