Laptop Bags Provide The Best Protection For Laptops While Traveling

If you want to bring your laptop with you on a trip, to work or school, you should think about protecting your laptop. You should not simply just shove your laptop into a regular bookbag or briefcase, where it can easily get scraped and possibly damaged. There are laptop bags that you can buy to provide proper protection for your laptop. Laptop bags are specifically designed for laptops with traveling in mind. This article will talk about the best new laptop bags released on the market for laptops.


The Barcelona is designed by Zegari. This is a very stylish and well designed laptop bag. There are two pockets outside with the front protected by a flap where you can place documents, papers, etc. There is a side pocket where you can slide your cellphone in neatly. The main compartment inside the Barcelona is well padded but with enough space to slide in your laptop. The Barcelona also have a comfortable adjustable leather shoulder strap.


The Zephyr is made by Tom Bihn and is brilliantly designed. The bag is made of ballistic nylon and you can order your Zephyr in a set of a variety of colors. The bag has 3 pockets outside for quick access to any objects you may need to pull out immediately. Inside of the Zephyr there are 3 dividers to organize different items. The inside is nicely padded to give your laptop a nice snug protection. The bag has a absolute shoulder strap that is very comfortable and will not tear into your shoulder.


The Racer X by Waterfield Designs is created originally for a Macbook and is a very good bag to use if you travel a lot, especially for business trips. The Racer X has a corporate look and feel to it. The bag have a black nylon exterior, and two separate compartments for a laptop and laptop accessories. The pockets are padded and your laptop will smoothly slide into the Racer X without a problem.

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