Landscaping and the Environment

Landscaping is an activity that can change the face of the
environment no matter how small the household’s lawn is.

Because of this, homeowners and contractors alike should be
aware of this fact and find ways of lessening the impact of
this activity.

Here are some tips on having an earth-friendly landscape.

1. Find plants that consume little water

– one of the main requirements of a landscape is to have an
ample amount of water for the plants. But since water is
becoming a scarcer and scarcer commodity, homeowners should
choose plants that consume little water.

Not only do they help save the environment, they also help
cut a homeowner’s water costs.

2. Use organic fertilizers

– artificial fertilizers contain chemicals that may
otherwise be harmful to the soil.

Organic fertilizers should therefore be chosen in favor of
artificial ones to lessen its impact on the soil and at the
same time, ensure that one has a healthy plant.

Creating a compost pit and using cut grass as mulch can
help provide organic fertilizers to a garden.

3. Have trees in your lawn

– trees provide shade in your lawn and if they are
well-positioned, they can reduce energy costs spent on
cooling and heating.

4. Find alternative sources of water

– while sprinklers are a great way to water a lawn, rain
water can be a good alternative too. So when designing a
landscape, find a way of irrigating it using rain water
from the household’s rooftops.

This helps a lot in cutting the costs on water used by

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