Knowing Sinusitis And How To Deal With It

Sinusitis to our knowledge is very common for most people. Even though being such a common problem it tends to cause too much trouble. There are three types of sinusitis which affects our life Acute, Subacute and Chronic. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus membrane which can either be infectious or non-infectious.

Sinusitis means that sinuses get affected due to infection of sinuses. This inflammation affects the sinuses which block the air passage causing pain around your eyes and forehead. The reasons can also be viral, bacterial, fungal as well as allergic reactions.

As there is a direct connection between the nose and the sinus, it gives out signs in the form of stuffy nose and constant watering from the nose. This case of stuffy nose and pain in your forehead can get serious very easily and can complicate matters for you. Such kind of sinus infections causes breakdown in the functioning of your bodily functions.

Sinuses help in providing proper insulation of the skull which reduces its weight, letting the voice to resonate within it. To disallow any foreign bacteria sinuses has a able defense mechanism. When this mechanism fails bacteria present in nasal passage enters the sinuses causing sinus infection.

Some of the common sinuses which are affected by infection are

– Frontal Sinuses (pain in the forehead)
– Maxillary Sinuses (pain behind the cheek bones)
– Ethmoid Sinuses (pain between the eyes)
– Sphenoid Sinuses (pain behind the eyes)

Some of the common reasons which can increase your chances of sinusitis

– Smoking
– Swimming
– Diving
– Alcohol
– Pets

Some precautions to be taken

– While blowing your nose, do it gently
– Stay away from people who are already suffering from cold or other allergies
– When suffering from cold it becomes essential to have a good night’s sleep
– Keep removing the yellow mucus because, the more it stays in your body the more it causes problem

Some remedies when under a sinus attack

– Drink hot tea or soup to open the nasal passage
– Take hot compresses for your sinus area
– Good amount of rest and relaxation is very necessary
– Take hot showers
– Minimize consumption of dairy products
– Maintain a good hygiene which would avoid any formation of bacteria or fungal infection
– Be away from extreme temperatures
– Avoid polluted areas and keep your home moist by the use of humidifiers
– Check up with your doctor and get treated for the cold
– Paste of dry ginger with little water or milk when applied on the forehead may provide relief
– Make a paste of 10-15 Basil leaves with 4 cloves and 1 tsp dried ginger. Apply this paste on the forehead for relief

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