Know Side Effects Before You Buy Steroids

You buy steroids for a number of purposes. The most common purpose for which you ofttimes buy steroids is to use them as performance enhancing drugs. You often use steroids in sports to raise your performance levels, but you are least aware of the serious side effects steroids may have. This article is particularly for those of you guys who buy steroids and use them as performance enhancing drugs.

Your steroid use may have serious consequences, whether you inject them into your muscles, take orally, or use them onto your skins via steroid gels or creams. Whether you are male or female, you may experience the several general upshots, such as— Severe acne, Jaundice, Cardiovascular or heart diseases, Tumors, Stunted growth, Psychological effects, and Potential violence. Steroids cause severe acne by causing the hormonal levels changes and stimulation of glands in your skin to produce more sebum, an oily substance that protects and keeps the skin from becoming dry. Steroids affect liver function, causing a gradual yellowing of the skin i.e. jaundice. The use of steroids increases bad cholesterols or low-density lipoproteins (LDL) while simultaneously decreasing good cholesterols or high-density lipoproteins (HDL) in the body; this increases the risks Cardiovascular or heart diseases. Steroids can lead to the development of Benign and malignant (cancerous) tumors form in your liver and kidneys. Steroid use can result in bone lengthening and halting growth prematurely, which means Stunted growth. The prolonged use of steroids increases your aggressiveness, mood swings, paranoia, sleeping disorders, euphoria and hallucinations. The increased hostility, competitiveness and aggressive behavior due to steroid use may lead to assaults and violence.

Steroids may have effects on your reproductive systems. If you are male and you often use & buy steroids, these drugs can cause “temporary testicular atrophy” that is diminishing your testes size, which eventually cease to function. Your testicular shrinkage limits the production of sperm and this results in decreased sperm cell production. Steroids can cause temporary infertility i.e. lowering your sperm count and consequently reducing your fertility and ability to father a child. Steroids abuse can also lead to Erectile dysfunction i.e. you don’t get proper erecting while doing sex. The high steroid doses over a long period of time cause Potential impotence. These drugs can cause permanent gynecomastia i.e. the increase in female hormones called estrogens prompt irreversible breast development in men.

If you are female and you often use & buy steroids, they can lead to Irregularity of your menstrual cycles. Steroids harm the maturation and release of eggs during ovulation, causing a disruption in the menstrual cycle. The prolonged use of steroids will eventually lead to infertility. Steroid abuse can result in your enlarged clitoris and physical disfiguration. Steroid can also lead to Female pattern baldness; these drugs cause permanent hair loss, particularly in the frontal hairline. Steroid abuse can lead to breast atrophy i.e. increasing testosterone in your reproductive system diminishing the size of your breasts permanently. Steroid use can lead to Masculine physical traits, which mean that they can encourage your facial hair growth, muscularity, deepening you voice and skin coarseness. Steroids can cause a number pregnancy problems which may ultimately lead to fetal retardation or death. Thus you should buy steroids, but not for abuse.

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