Know More about Verizon Customer Service

Verizon is a company engaged in customer service. Its

main office is located at 140 West Streest New York.

It is a leader in providing broadband and wireless

communication innovations to business, wholesale

customers, government and the mass market. Verizon

Wireless serves over than 67 million clients

nationwide (primarily Europe and United States of

America). It is a Dow 30 company with a workforce of

about 232 thousand as of the first quarter of 2008.

This article will give you more information about

Verizon Communications Inc.

Verizon’s services include Verizon Telecom and Verizon

Business. Verizon Telecom gives customers around the

world the benefits of entertainment and information

services and converged communications through the most

advanced fiber optic network. Verizon Business on the

other hand delivers seamless and innovative business

solutions to customers worldwide.

Verizon also achieved numerous distinctions. A recent

survey conducted by the Customer Respect Group

revealed that Verizon website is ranked as the No. 1

among the websites of ten telecommunications

providers. This is achieved by offering customers with

gratifying set of web tools for executing their

business with some other companies.

Verizon’s operations rooted from a long history of

commitment to respect and integrity. The company has a

Code of Conduct containing the corporation’s

commitment to certain values and standards. The goal

of the company is to be the best brand in

communications through making and keeping their

promises to their communities, employees, shareholders

and customers.

Being a service business, Verizon has the ability to

understand and answer the needs of the customers.

Because it caters to different countries, different

people with different languages are also being

catered. Want to know how they do it? They have the

Multilingual National Centers which are responsible

for the service and sales to small businesses and

consumers in their own languages such as Spanish,

Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, and Vietnamese. Because

many tell they prefer talking to someone with the same

dialect as theirs, Verizon created the center to have

good customer relationship.

Another proof of Verizon’s good customer service is

the provision of 2 centers for customers with

disabilities. The centers provide services for

customers with hearing, vision and motion impairments.

Verizon centers are available nationwide. Their teams

of employees having diversed background are really

committed in meeting the needs of customers with


According to the 2008 first quarter report, Verizon

Communications Inc. continues to have strong

operational results quantifiable through its sales.

The company continues to lead the telecommunications

industry in key metrics. Verizon’s Wireline business

also has a strong sales growth in global strategic

business and domestic FiOs services.

Verizon proves to be financially capable with regards

to its earnings. The consolidated operating revenues

last year amounted to 93.5 billion dollars. It has 57

cents in diluted EPS (earnings per share) for the

first quarter of 2008 alone. This is an increase from

last year’s 51 cents earnings per share.

The distinctions and financial returns are fruits of

an excellent customer service being provided by the

Verizon Company. But this cannot stop here. Customers

are changing and evolving so the service industry must

keep their pace. As Ivan Seidenberg, CEO and Chairman

of Verizon states, the company continues to return

value to its shareholders. They maintain their

leadership in wireless industry through development

initiative and introduction of enterprise services.

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