Know how to create your own Gift Basket

Gift baskets are an easy way to win the heart of your dear and loved ones. It’s not necessary that each time you need to purchase a gift basket because it’s simple and easy to create a custom gift basket of your own. You can make theme basked gift baskets just by keeping in mind that who is going to be the recipient and on what occasion it is being gifted.

Point’s considerable for the recipient are what do they like, what are their hobbies, what they need and what do they like to eat. Things you require are a container to put all the things together. It is not necessary that the container is expensive but you should choose it as per the theme. It should also be reusable and something practical.

Containers you can use as gift basket could be basket of any size, pots, bowls, fishing creel, tin, platter, plastic container, colander, bucket, canvas bag, day pack or storage box. You can pick up from themes such as kids gift baskets, photographer gift baskets, gardener gift baskets, guitar player gift baskets, grandparents gift baskets, holiday gift baskets, romantic gift baskets and much more. It could be presented on occasions such as birthday, anniversary, festivals, holidays, promotions or anything else.

1. To create a kid gift basket you can use games, puzzle CD’s, coloring books, crayons, markers, stickers, cartoon pictures and gather it all together in a rubber or plastic storage box.

2. For making a gift basket for your special someone you can collect things such as cosmetic creams, lotions, relaxation CD’s and any other thing you know she will cherish to have. If it is someone male, you can gather some sports items to create a golf gift basket or you can also use dark chocolates, popcorn’s, tasty wheat wafers and snacks that he would love to have.

3. Making a bath gift basket is also simple where you need to use a nice basket with collectibles such as a gel eye pack, soothing after bath lotions, Epsom salts, scented candles, scrubber or loofah sponge, aromatherapy oils, back cleaning brush, relaxing musical CD.

4. To gift a college student you can take a basket or usable container with things such as pencils, mouse pads, phone cards, gifts certificate for CD, nail clippers and book light. Other things that you can use are yummy snacks and hand towel.

5. If you wish to gift someone who loves yummy snacks, you can decorate a colander or bowl with package of gourmet pasta, pasta olives, tongs or pasta grabber, spices such as garlic powder, basil, recipe cookbook.

6. To gift your grandparents, you need to use a basket or reusable container with a scrapbook, children’s artwork, framed family pictures, family videos, long distance calling cards, handmade ornaments, polar fleece lap blanket and some tea, coffee or candy.

7. If it is your colleague or friend who is a wine lover, you can use a wine cooling bucket with some wine glasses, cork screw, cheese and crackers and wine or champagne bottles.

After you have all your collectibles with you, you can put some filler around them such as piece of fabric, straw, Easter basket grass, shredded paper, newspaper, colored paper, colored towels or napkins, tissue papers or cedar shavings. You can easily add potpourri, special tea bags, roasted or unshelled nuts, small toys, sample hand creams for any kind of occasions. There are innumerable types of gift baskets that you can make according to the preferences of the recipient.

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