Know All About Central Air Conditioning

There are a number of reasons why you should go for central air conditioning. If you are intending to find a way of conditioning the air in a large establishment, like say a building or a big house, central air conditioning is one of the best, if not the only, options you have. The AC system in this case utilizes a split system for condensation and compression. Its evaporator is connected to an air handing mechanism (forced air furnace). The entire machine is packed together as a large unit and put outside the establishment, usually on the roof or an outhouse.

The cool air circulated by the unit is transmitted through the length and the breadth of building. In case you want to alter the temperature you might use the controls provided to each dweller of the establishment. But such controls are not common and many systems come without these making it imperative for all the tenants of the specific house to bear with the general temperature set for the house.

Since the AC system is placed outside the building therefore it does not bother people living in the building with the disturbing humming sound most AC’s make. A superior cleansing system also purifies the air it circulates so that the air you breathe is freed of any irritating allergen, dust particle or other unwanted substance.

Centralizing your AC unit also helps the administrators, engineers or maintenance people of the building to keep a strict check on the electric consumption and voltage requirements of the people in the building, since it leaves no reason for the tenants to run their personal AC units.

Centralized AC also gives you the opportunity to find out and decide the temperature you want, this in turn helps you control your electric bills, since, the more consistent the temperature is the greater control you have over your energy expenses.

An AC’s filtering capacity is a feature you need to pay good attention to while purchasing. Your AC needs to make sure the air you breathe is clean, along with making it cool. In case it fails to do so it will be transmitting pollutants everywhere in the building.

For greater convenience you should probably try and install some means of controlling the temperature of the AC unit from each of your tenants’ apartments. Consult an architect as to how you might do this.

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