iPhone Applications Adds Another Feather To iPhone’s Cap

The iphone hype has taken the world by storm. From iphone accessories to iphone applications, many people around the world are now taking advantage of Apple’s first mobile phone product.

iphone applications are software developed to be entirely used with iphone. These are websites and applications web developers have made for the iphone. It is remembered that Apple once announced that the iphone applications can be made by 3rd party developers. In effect, there has never been a gadget like iphone that brought many developers to create applications for a single device quickly. Only two months after the iphone’s release, hundreds of iphone applications have already been created and are now being used by the hundreds of thousands iphone owners.

Apple’s announcement is seemingly a great solution for allowing developers to share wisdom in creating software. Thus, phone software developers around the world are given freedom to work around with the iphone that’d be essentially useful for iphone owners.

What Makes Iphone Applications

iphone applications are mostly websites that can be best viewed and only accessed on the iphone. Categories of applications are so many that owners are sure to get exactly what they need and want. There are apps for communication, games, media controllers, organization, travel, business, financial, magazines, movies, news, religion, shopping, sports, tools, video, and more.

Developers who create iphone applications must make their software run under Safari since Apple is using Safari as the main web browser. The developers must also consider hosting the iphone applications or website on their own servers. Moreover, the application must maintain the platform’s look and feel, as well as, make it customizable as reported. Steve Jobs even said in a statement, that only a working knowledge of the web standards and software creations will be needed to make interesting iphone applications.

Days after the iphone was launched, web applications for iphone have already been released. Landing on the Top 25 list according a blog profiling new Web 2.0 startups are the following applications: iphoneChar, Google Reader,iphoneDigg, One Trip Shopping List, iPhlickr, Hahlo, iZoho,Gas.app, MyMetar, Apple Reader,iPhoeTravel, iActu,DiggMobile, iBoomark, 101 Cookbooks,YouTube,goMovies,Listingly,iPlinh,iChess, NYTimes River, CheapMF, iTOuch, Avalanche, and ExpenseView.

While the iphone has become a popular gadget and is the much anticipated cellphone this 2007, not all users and developers are happy that there are now many iphone applications available. However, it is undeniable that many applications have impressed a lot of developers and owners. Just like any new gadget out there, iphone is one amazing technology. Consequently, what make iphones more remarkable are the hundreds of choices of iphone applications it offers. http://www.the-iphone.biz/

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